Al Haramain Million Perfume

Al Haramain Million Perfume

In the past year I found my love for some oriental fragrances and so just in time for Christmas I got a small review about another oriental perfume.

This time, I'm talking about a very small beauty - the Al Haramain Million perfume. 
Let's see how I liked it and why. 

Al Haramain Million Perfume

Perfume oil Million by Al Haramain is a lightweight, wonderfully refreshing Gourmand fragrance with a touch of white musk, ideal for men and women alike. Jasmine and sensual ylang ylang represent the middle note, which is followed by a base of vanilla, cedar, sandalwood, white musk and amber.
A wonderfully balanced aroma that combines the typical scents of the perfumes from the Orient with the traditional perfumes of the West.


It's a special blend of scents that brings out the sensual. 

Al Haramain Million Perfume


The perfume oil comes packed in a cigarette-like box. It is quite unusual as it's not something I see in Western perfumes.

The perfume is stored in a very tiny glass bottle that reminds me of the places far beyond from where it came. 
It contains 15 ml of product which is dispensed with a roll-on ball

Al Haramain Million Perfume


The scent starts as a gentle warm breeze that can be layered until we get the strength we like. I usually apply the oil as a thin layer because I don't like smelling my perfumes after a certain time. 
It has a warm scent and I mostly smell vanilla and bergamot. After a couple of minutes, I can smell the jasmine with a tad of amber.


Bergamot, Plum, Mango


Jasmine, Ylang Ylang


Vanilla, Cedar, Sandalwood, White Musk, Amber

Al Haramain Million Perfume


+ cute small glass bottle
+ inexpensive (less than 13€)
+ the scent lasts quite a long time (I can smell it after a couple of hours)
+ it is a unisex scent, so can be used by both
+ has a nice blend that would suit oriental perfume lovers and those that are new to them
+ roll-on dispenser is handy


- the packaging is a bit bland


I think this was a lovely find. It's small and inexpensive enough to be a stock stuffing (for the advent days before Christmas). I like how it comes in a tiny bottle with a roll-on dispenser as it's pretty handy. 
The scent it warm and strong, but can get even stronger if it's layered. I enjoy the notes of Jasmine and Vanilla as it feels great in these cold months. 
Overall I think it's a great little find from Notino

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