BrushArt Cartoon Collection

BrushArt Cartoon Collection

I have received a parcel that I think is the cutest ever! I mean, it's multicoloured and contains things with faces on them, I mean, super cute! 

I'm talking about the new Notino BrushArt Cartoon collection that screams "kawaii". 

BrushArt Cartoon Collection

BrushArt, as the name suggests, transforms everyday makeup into art. These brushes have been specially developed to allow perfect makeup application for your face, eyes, and lips. Flawless makeup requires precision, which is something that BrushArt brushes achieve using quality materials.  

BrushArt Cartoon Collection

I got almost everything that is included in the Cartoon collection. There are so many things that I decided to giveaway some on Instagram. :)

BrushArt Cartoon Collection

My kid loved this parcel. I mean, I screamed when I opened it and he totally wanted to see what is the fuss about. 

I love how cute everything is. It has eyes on the packaging and on some items there are little faces printed on.

BrushArt Cartoon Collection


I decided to keep this Egg-shaped makeup brush holder. I know how hard it's to transport makeup sponges. When they are used they leave a mess on whatever they touch. So this will come handy.

Now you can enjoy your makeup ritual even more. The BrushArt Cartoon Collection makeup sponge comes in a solid case that will always make you smile while providing a reliable protection to this makeup tool. The soft sponge ensures easy and quick application of makeup products to all crevices of your face, and will become your perfect travel companion.

BrushArt Cartoon Collection

Inside there is included a soft makeup sponge. I can't wait to use it!

  • sponge for quick and even foundation application
  • soft material perfect for liquid and cream products
  • hard case protects the sponge from dirt
  • ideal for your travel bag or handbag
  • size of the case: 70mm × 56mm

BrushArt Cartoon Collection


I also decided to keep eye gel patches. They will come in handy for those days that I am feeling really tired. They should help with eye puffiness too!

BrushArt Cartoon Collection

If you find yourself in a situation when you need to look absolutely flawless, always start with your eyes. You can always rely on the BrushArt Cartoon Collection under-eye gel pads to make you look well-rested.

They remove puffy under-eye bags as well as tired appearance. Treat yourself to a few minutes for a brighter look. You’ll love these not only before any special occasion but after also every sleepless night.


This travel kit looks promising as there's a sleep mask and some earplugs included. It's perfect for a plane ride (whenever it'll be possible to fly again!) or for a day when you need some extra relaxation at home. 

I like using sleep masks when I'm not sleeping at home - I like having the room extra dark and cool for maximum comfort. And that's not always possible, so I like keeping a sleeping mask with me. 

BrushArt Cartoon Collection

How to get the best beauty sleep? The solution is not just simple but also adorable! This BrushArt Cartoon Collection travel kit includes a sleep mask and a pair of earplugs that will help you enjoy some undisturbed sleep anytime and anywhere. Plus, they’ll make you look so cute that nobody will dare wake you up.

I mean, look at it. Isn't it super cute? :D

BrushArt Cartoon Collection


You can't have enough beauty bags. You just can't. 
I have a similar one, just way smaller and it's my favourite makeup bag ever. 

This one is bigger so I will be able to put everything I will ever need inside. It will be perfect for travelling - one side will be filled with decorative cosmetics and the other side with serums, etc.

BrushArt Cartoon Collection

Add this beautiful and practical bag to your travel beauty stash. You will love the BrushArt Cartoon Collection cosmetic bag for several reasons. You’ll be struck by the ingenious design, the large storage space it offers, as well as the clever elastic that allows you to keep all the contents in their place. No more chaos in your toiletries while you’re travelling.

  • sturdy cosmetic bag, ideal for travel
  • 2 separate compartments (deep and shallow one)
  • the deeper pocket has an elastic which keeps the contents in their place
  • zipper closure
  • size: 24cm x 7.5cm x 16cm

BrushArt Cartoon Collection

I find this edition to be extremely cute and hard to resist. I know it may be perfect for some younger ladies (or boys, no judging), but I find the cute aesthetic extremely ..well, cute!

What do you think about this collection?

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