Renovality Plum Oil

Renovality Plum Oil Review

I am a fan of oils that can be used in my skincare regime. I actually started my skincare journey with oil - the jojoba oil. It helped me get my skin back to a healthy barrier. 

But later I've ditched all the oils and used mostly just creams or vaseline as the last step.
But now as I'm going back to basics - which means that my regime is really simple just 3 products, I decided to add an oil product.

And not just any oil. An oil I've never used before. Plum oil

Renovality Plum Oil 

The Renovality Original Series face oil is a great product for your face and body.

I picked the plum oil mostly because of one review that said that it smells like marshmallows. I love marshmallows but am not a fan of the scent (we're talking about the yummy snack!). But I thought that maybe the review meant that the scent is more candy-like and less like olive oil.

Renovality Plum Oil Review


The scent is sweet. Sweet with a bit of bitterness to it. It smells like when we were kids and we would open apricot pits. Like a bitter almond
It is a very pleasant scent that dissolves into nothing about 10 minutes after application. 

Renovality Plum Oil Review


The oil has a pipette for a dosator which I find the most hygienic and the easiest to use. 
The oil is runny so a little bit goes a long way - I need two drops to cover my whole face.

Because it's an oil, I use it after my skincare regime (toner, cream). I find it locks everything in and adds a bit of an "oomph" effect. 

  • hydrates and softens effectively
  • strengthens the hair fibre
  • takes care of your face, skin and hair

Renovality Plum Oil Review

It's a Czech brand that was recommended to me and I'm so happy it was! You can find it on Notino which carries a whole range of oils. I have my eyes set on the Marula oil!

I like that the prices aren't expensive - this one was 13€ for 50ml. They range between 10-20€ for most oil. And I feel that's adequate because of the packaging which is fantastic for oils. It's black and opaque and because of that, the oils will remain fresh for a longer time.

It can be used for multiple parts - hair, body and face but I have only tried it for my face. I like the effect it has there, there so I'll keep using it for my face.


+ Smells delicious!
+ A little bit goes a long way
+ My skin feels smoother in the morning
+  Inexpensive (13€ for 50ml)
+ Great packaging (black glass)
+ Can be used on hair, body and face
+ The pipette is very hygienic


- The instructions are in Czech (I don't understand it)

Renovality Plum Oil Review


I like this oil. It adds a bit of pampering to my skincare routine and because of it, my skin feels smoother in the morning.  The oil isn't expensive which is something I am always happy about. Plus the packaging is as it should be for oils - black and opaque and made of glass. I like my oils to stay fresh for as long as possible.
This oil is multiuse which means you can use it for your face, body and hair. I've only used it for my face so far but I think I may try it for my hair too!
So far I'm really pleasantly surprised by this oil and this brand. I think I want to try some more oils from them!

Are you familiar with this brand? If yes, which is your favourite product?

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