Nivea Grape Seed Soothing Cleansing Oil

Nivea Grape Seed Soothing Cleansing Oil

Nivea came out with a new line of basic skin cleansers - cleansing oil. And since I was running low on my other oil, I wanted to see what they've come up with.

I picked the Grape Seed Oil version which is meant for sensitive skin. Let's see what exactly it is and how it worked out for me.

Nivea Grape Seed Soothing Cleansing Oil

The oil comes packaged in a lovely violet packaging with a useful pump. With one twist it goes from locked to ready to go!

In one packaging you get 150 ml of product for a bit less than 5€. That's less than I was paying for all my cleansing oils from overseas (mostly Asia). 
But now I'm happy that we have a cleansing oil that comes with a budget price. 

Nivea Grape Seed Soothing Cleansing Oil

This version is perfume-free; hence the sensitive name. 
I use 1-2 pumps to clean my entire face. On the picture above you can see 1 pump of product all over my hand.

It starts very oily, but not too heavy. Like a medium-thick oil. It's runny but less than the Balea cleansing oil and because of that, I need so much less of it. 

It spreads easily and is even easier to wash off. It takes me less than 2 minutes to wash my face with it. I use lukewarm water to wash it off and it's a breeze. It doesn't leave any film behind or any residue. After it's washed off it's like it was never there. 

Nivea Grape Seed Soothing Cleansing Oil

  • washes the whole face gently and thoroughly
  • has a regenerative effect
  • refreshes pleasantly
  • can also be used on sensitive skin

I wear heavy-duty waterproof mascaras. Most oil cleansers have a bit of a problem with getting those off, but luckily it's not like that with the Nivea cleanser. 
I don't have to re-apply it, I just continue with the second cleanser. And to be honest, I could probably stop just with the first step as it doesn't leave any film behind.

Nivea Grape Seed Soothing Cleansing Oil


+ Is scent-free
+ Budget-friendly (5€)!
+ I only use 1-2 pumps per wash. It will last me a long time!
+ Doesn't leave any film behind
+ Cleanses waterproof mascaras well
+ Great packaging - the pump works well


- it says "transforms oil-to-milk" formula, but I don't get any milky residue while washing it off. Idk what they meant with that. Maybe that it's easy to wash off?


This is a lovely cleansing oil. It's inexpensive, does its job really well and has no scent. It doesn't even have any colour (like added). I am seriously impressed - I mean it gets off my hardcore waterproof mascaras! I thought that maybe there would be a bigger downside - like with the Balea Oil where I needed 6-8 pumps of product to cleanse my entire face. I'd go through those in less than 2 months... But with this Nivea cleansing oil, I see myself using it for the next several months. So YAY for a new budget-friendly cleansing oil in our market! If you're in need of new cleansing oil, you can get yours at Notino.

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