Notino Home Scented Cards Rose & Powder

Notino Home Scented Cards Rose & Powder

Have you ever wondered how to get your wardrobe or car smelling nicely for a very long time?
Well, I know one solution! 

I have used those nice smelling bags and papers (against those pesky moths) but they stop smelling nice after a month or so. I actually stopped smelling them after a week. 

I was looking for something that would make my car and wardrobe smell nice for months! 
And then I found these Scented Cards on Notino

Notino Home Scented Cards Rose & Powder

They offer them in several scents - Salt & Wood, Eucalyptus & Rain and Rose & Powder.
I picked the Rose & Powder because it sounded like something I'd enjoy the most.
Do you have a favourite scent? Mine is definitely Rose and vanilla. 

Notino Home Scented Cards Rose & Powder

The Notino Home Rose & Powder scented card will give your clothes, shoes, your car, or your handbag the aroma of rose and fresh green notes. These fragrant essences promote a positive attitude and help you relax during a stressful day. Treat yourself and introduce some pink into the greyness of your work day.

The cards come packaged in a cardboard box with a small see-through plastic part. You get 3 cards in one box. Each box is 10€ and one cards supposedly last for up to 2 months.

Notino Home Scented Cards Rose & Powder

  • 3pcs in a pack
  • suitable for wardrobe, shoe cabinet, or car
  • comes with a ribbon to hang it up
  • the aroma lasts for up to 2 months
  • comes in a delicate pink colour
  • dimensions: 10 × 6,6 cm


At first, you’ll notice fresh green notes and lemon, then the scent of rose, iris, and juicy raspberries. The background of the fragrance is composed of vanilla and pure musk notes.

The scent is pleasant but strong. It's not overpowering but it is still pretty strong. I notice the powdery scent first and then comes the rose scent. It develops into a very baby powder-like scent which I find pleasant. I don't smell any citrusy notes, but luckily it doesn't smell like something completely artificial as some rose scents do.

Notino Home Scented Cards Rose & Powder

I keep one of the cards in my car. And I'm happy to say that even after a month of having it, it smells delicious! And it doesn't seem like it will fade any time soon. 

But when it does, I'd like to try some new scents - like maybe the Eucalyptus & Rain. 

How to use:

Remove the card from the plastic cover and hang it by the ribbon or place it between your clothes in the drawer. Avoid direct contact with skin. The product can cause an allergic skin reaction. Keep out of the reach of children. Throw into mixed waste after use.

Notino Home Scented Cards Rose & Powder


+ The scent does last quite long
+ Easy to use - comes with a ribbon
+ In one box there are 3 cards
+ One card lasts up to 2 months. So that's up to 6 months of use for all three.
+ Inexpensive (10€)
+ Looks super pretty!


- The scent is a tad overpowering.

Notino Home Scented Cards Rose & Powder


This is a fun little card. I mean, it's a really basic product that can be used right out of the box. There's no special care for the cards and nothing extra. You just take one out of the box and then out of the plastic foil and you're ready to go!
I think it will become a staple in my home life. I mean, I like fresh smelling rooms, cars and wardrobes!

Let me know if you have a favourite way of making your car smell nice.

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