Essence I Love Extreme Waterproof

Essence I Love Extreme Waterproof

I've been a fan of Essence products since I started writing this blog. So, it's been a while. There have been some flops but also many gems in-between.

And I think I found a new one - this jumbo mascara. I'm calling it jumbo even if its full name is Essence I love Extreme - waterproof

It's a chunky one. But it also has a non-waterproof sister which comes in a black packaging with pink letters. There's also a volumizing version in a pink package with black letters. I mean, we've got the whole family!

The mascara comes in a blue tube that is hard to pass by - it screams "pick me, pick me"! But that's not why we buy mascaras, right? 

Essence I Love Extreme Waterproof

The Essence I Love Extreme mascara gives your eyelashes maximum length and unbelievable volume.

Essence I Love Extreme Waterproof

lashes to love. a waterproof sister is joining the popular i love extreme volume mascara range for those who also like to go for extreme volume during sports or swimming! the texture with ultra-black pigments covers each individual lash and the extra large brush offers plenty of volume. a true highlight – and not just during the summer vacation!

I am a fan of waterproof mascaras. Mostly because I sometimes get irritated eyes because of allergies. And I am not a fan of the panda look, so I prefer to choose waterproof versions of mascaras.

But my wishes do not end there. No, I also want my mascaras to add length and some volume to my lashes. And most importantly - they need to be as black as they can be and can't run in contact with water. Easy, no?

Essence I Love Extreme Waterproof

Well, as you can imagine it's not as simple as that. Most mascaras do one or two things from my list, but not all of them. 

Also, I'm not prepared to pay 30€ for a mascara. Mostly because I chuck them out every 2-3 months. Anyhow for me, it would be best if a mascara cost less than 5€ and would do everything I need it to do. 

Okay, so what did I do? I took a photo before and after. I usually apply 1 layer of mascara and I try to do it as thickly as I can. I mean, I'm not overdoing it, but I don't like thin lashes.

Essence I Love Extreme Waterproof

Apply the mascara to the eyelashes with gentle strokes from the root to the tip. For greater emphasis apply several coats.

And you know what - it does everything. It adds length, volume and it stays for the whole day. Plus it's less than 3€. Win-win!
The brush is one of the bigger ones and if you have hooded eyes you have to be careful while applying it. Otherwise, you'll get a bunch of mascara on your upper eyelid. 


+ Inexpensive (~3€)
+ Adds volume
+ Adds length 
+ Waterproof and stays put


- The big brush can be problematic for smaller/hooded eyelids

Essence I Love Extreme Waterproof


I think this is a brilliant mascara for those who like thick, long lashes. It's waterproof so it will need a good oil-based remover to get it off. If you apply too many coats you get spider lashes which can be scary unless that's your thing. I like that's it's dirt cheap and does its job well. I mean, that's amazing for such a low priced mascara. The biggest downside is the ginormous brush that can end up pressing on your upper eyelid if you aren't careful enough. Other than that, it's amazing and I'll end repurchasing it. I get mine from the drugstore and if I can't go to store (COVID situation) I order it from Notino.

I'm curious - what is your favourite inexpensive mascara? Let me know in the comments below. 

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