Tips When Buying Moc Toe Extra Width Boots

Tips When Buying Moc Toe Extra Width Boots
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Moc toe boots are pieces of footwear with a material covering the top of the vamp. This material extends to the toe, thereby creating a “moc” area. These boots are ideal for different scenarios,
including outdoor work and casual walking.

Searching for the right pair of extra-wide moc toe boots can be a challenge. But, it’s not an impossible task to find the best pair of moc-toe extra wide boots. So, here are tips to help you out in this endeavour.

Check The Flex Point

Comfort is vital to enjoying proper footwear. You may have the best-looking extra width moc toe shoe on the planet, but flaunting them would be a challenge if they don’t have the right elements.

One essential factor to consider is the flex point of the boot, which is the point where the footwear breaks. Take note that each boot will have a natural breakpoint. It's the area where the material at the vamp begins to bend when you move your foot. 

If the flex is too stiff, then you can’t walk properly. The inability to make your feet move naturally may prevent you from enjoying the footwear. Also, if the flex point is in an incorrect position, the wrong spot will rub against your foot. This scenario can cause wounds and friction to your feet as you walk.  

Shoe shopping for extra-wide moc toe boots requires you to pay close attention to the flex point. The boot needs to flex where your foot bends, which is the toe line. Check the flex point by looking at the shoe width. Extra-wide moc toe shoes should have flex points that line up with the broadest area of your foot. If it doesn't, consider looking for another pair.

Know The Right Fit

Extra-wide moc toe boots can be your ideal footwear for casual or work use. But, you might not be able to walk appropriately if your shoes don't fit. 

If your moc toe boots are too narrow, the tight fit can restrict the blood flow in your feet, causing pain and discomfort. Conversely, if the extra-wide boots have additional width, then the shoes might be too loose, which may lead to fidgeting and chances of blisters. 

So, here are some guidelines to help you choose a pair of perfect-fitting moc toe boots for casual or work wear:

  • Wear Socks

The chances are that you're going to wear a pair of socks with your boots. So, if you're shopping for men’s boots of the extra-wide moc toe variety, make sure to wear socks while you try the footwear. 

Socks add an extra layer to your feet, which will add a thin or thick yet noticeable upgrade to your foot size. So if you're not wearing socks while you fit boots, chances are you're going to get the sizing wrong. Then, when you put on the footwear with socks, you might find it too tight for comfort. 

Consider wearing polyester or wool socks when shopping for extra-wide moc toe boots. These materials will help keep your feet more comfortable in comparison to cotton.

Tips When Buying Moc Toe Extra Width Boots

  • Check The Length

Don’t focus too much on the width of your moc toe boots. Remember to check the length as well. 

The length of your extra-wide moc toe shoes should allow you to slide your whole foot forward without significant gaps. Also, the length should let your foot slide into the boot without substantial restrictions, which might otherwise cause you discomfort while wearing the footwear. 

The right length should allow your index finger to fit between the back of the shoe and your heel. If your index finger doesn’t enter this gap, it’s too tight. On the other hand, if your index finger can move around that gap without significant restrictions, then it’s too loose. 

  • Tie The Laces

It can make you feel excited to try and walk around in your new pair of extra-wide moc toe boots without tying the laces. But, make sure to tie the laces during fitting.

The laces should keep the footwear in place without depriving your feet of adequate blood flow. If the laces don't offer a tight yet comfortable fit, then consider replacing them. Otherwise, find other moc toe extra wide boots on the market. 

Follow the tips mentioned above when you’re shopping for moc toe extra width boots. Make sure to check the flex point, as this component might be the most crucial element of a comfortable shoe-wearing experience. Also, don't forget to bring socks during the fitting, and tie the laces of your shoes to confirm the snug fit. 

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