Lancôme Idôle

Lancôme Idôle

Let's start this fresh new day with a new perfume review. Yes, I'm currently into a perfume & hair phase. It will pass but until then let's enjoy the journey. 

I got the newest Lancome Idole perfume from Notino who kindly sent it to me for review purposes. My reviews are always honest. 

Lancôme Idôle

From the Lancome website:
Here’s to the women who dare to dream. The women who defy expectations. Here’s to the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Strong. Outspoken. Empowered. The women who look to themselves for the inspiration they need to shape the future. Here’s to a new generation of icons.

Top notes

Middle notes
Jasmine, Rose, Rose Water

Base notes
Vanilla, Patchouli, Cedar

Lancôme Idôle


With its alluring scent and sharp thorns, the rose symbolises the complexity of femininity. The perfect marriage of beauty and strength, a sustainably sourced Rose Accord can be found in the heart of Idôle.


Oil of Jasmine Absolutes acts as a gentle yet generous accompaniment to Idôle’s heart. Radiant and sensual, it is an invitation to draw closer.


An abundance of radiant petals blended with musks forms a sophisticated Clean Chypre Accord, which recalls the airy freshness of just-washed linens. Despite its breezy subtlety, the note lingers on the skin to create a lasting enveloping sensation of reassurance.

Structured like a kaleidoscope, Idôle’s fragrant accords radiate from its heart. Simply by wearing Idôle a distinctive scent identity is created. Harnessing the essence of the woman wearing it, Idôle becomes a declaration of her intention to be herself. To become her own Idôle.

Lancôme Idôle


Powerful in its simplicity, Idôle’s ultra-slim refillable* bottle radiates light. So sleek is its design that it almost belongs in the hand, a reminder that endless possibilities are within reach.
*The bottle is refillable at 200 locations around the world. 

The bottle is really slim and dainty. It is a pleasure looking at it as it's so different from all the other bottles I have and I have seen. It's thin and reminds of a more feminine flask. 
But because of its shape, it's hard to store it. I can fall over (as it's thin and tall). Some like to store it laying down, I keep it in its original box. That does the trick and keeps it safe.
You can also get a perfume case (in nude pink or holographic). Both are really pretty but hard to get by in Slovenia.


The scent is strongly floral but with a fresh twist. It reminds me of warm summer evenings. It starts stronger and evolves into a sofer finish. Because of its floral scent, I'd put it into the day fragrances category. I'd still wear it during summer evenings, but it's not "cosy" enough to be a night fragrance. 

It does leave a bit of silage right after application but an hour later it's barely noticeable. 
Luckily the perfume lasts a bit longer - about 4 - 6 hours on me. That's not a lot of time, but for such a fresh perfume it's right in between.


+ beautiful bottle design
+ lovely fresh floral scent
+ perfect for day wear
+ perfect for Spring/Summer


 - pricey (25ml/53€ 50ml/85€ 75ml/99€)
- as beautiful as the bottle is, it's impractical for storage


I think that Lancome did it again! The Idole fragrance is beautiful and perfect for daily wear. It's simple and elegant and yet at the same time, it is fresh and young. A beautiful combination. 
And it's actually one of the rarest perfumes that got me compliments. Compliments like "you smell so nice!". It's definitely a scent that I can see it becoming a staple in many ladies's collections. 
It does last a reasonable amount of time but it doesn't last as some of my oilier perfumes do. That was expected and I still can't get over how nice my clothes smell the next day if I spray it on them. Lovely!

Have you got a chance of trying it yet? What do you think of the scent?

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