Agent Provocateur FATALE INTENSO

Agent Provocateur FATALE INTENSO

Today I have another perfume review for you. My perfume collection grew quite a bit and now I have a whopping number of perfumes - 14. They range from oil perfumes (2!) and others are more classic - alcohol-based like this one.

My today's pick is a perfume by Agent Provocateur - FATALE INTENSE which I was kindly sent by Notino.

Agent Provocateur FATALE INTENSO

Temptation, mystery and lust.
Fatale Intense, the new fragrance from Agent Provocateur is a rich, luxurious and mysterious scent.

Agent Provocateur FATALE INTENSO


The perfume comes in a glass bottle. Mine is 100 ml which will last me for a very long time.
The bottle is heavy and feels luxurious. It talks about the night and seduction
Which isn't anything unexpected as the brand of the perfume is known for its seductive lingerie. 

On the bottle, there's just the name. It is elegantly minimalistic.

Agent Provocateur Fatale Intense Eau de Parfum is a feminine fragrance that will make you are unforgettable wherever you go.

Agent Provocateur FATALE INTENSO


Top notes: liquorice, chilli
Heart: lotus, flowers
Base: leather, amber, vanilla

The scent is oriental, soft and warm and also spicy. It is sultry, exotic and unapologetic. It reminds me of warm summer night dates. It's supposedly a cold season perfume but I am sure it will be amazing in hot weather, too. 

The scent leaves silage that lasts for days (on clothes) and for about an hour on skin. The perfume is intense, bold and really out there. It won't go unnoticed. After a while, it settles down and turns a bit softer and powdery. On me, it lasts for about 5 hours before it disappears (into the night).

Agent Provocateur FATALE INTENSO

I have to add that I got a lovely Valentine's day surprise from Notino. It goes well with my perfume so I'm including a "family" picture. I got some nail polishes and liquid lipsticks. Lovely, thank you!


+ A very unique scent
+ Fairly long-lasting
+ Bold, sexy scent
+ Heavy, luxurious bottle
+ Inexpensive (20€/100ml)


- It may be overpowering for some (the first hour or so)

Agent Provocateur FATALE INTENSO


This is a perfume that makes me think of sexy and oriental at the same time. I can smell the chilly in it (smells kind of peppery to me), some leather and vanilla. It is more complex than that, but it is what I can smell at first whiff. 
As it is so strong and bold I can smell it even after a while - but I like it better when it tones down a bit, which is after 20 minutes or so. Then I can smell some berries in it that give some freshness to an overall smokey perfume. 
There's no need to use a lot of it (like with some other perfumes) because of how intense it is. Apply it on your pulse points and you should be good to go.
I enjoy it as it is different from all the other perfumes I have. And because it's so inexpensive it's a nice perfume to try even if just for fun. 

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