Invisibobble SPRUNCHIE

Invisibobble SPRUNCHIE

Invisibobble. What a fun name. Kind of hard/funny to pronounce but it's a name that is easy to remember. 

Anyway, lately, I've been more into haircare and into keeping my curls as hydrated as I can. Because that's probably what they're lacking (I still need some extra time to read all about the curly method). 

And since I am kind of managing them I also need something that will keep my curls intact for when I need to have my hair in a bun or a ponytail. Which is sadly most of the time. 

And because those classic elastics are death for curls, I got kind of excited about scrunchies. They are coming back from the '90s and I couldn't be happier. I mean, they aren't the prettiest thing around (tho some are!), but they are comfortable and won't damage your hair.

But I liked the idea of having an invisibobble scrunchie which was kindly sent to me from Notino
Let's see what exactly it is. 

Invisibobble SPRUNCHIE

Okay, we all know what is a scrunchie. It's a circular band of fabric-covered elastic used for fastening the hair.

Invisibobble turned the word around and called their scrunchies with a spring plastic elastic (huh, it rhymes!) a sprunchie. Hilarious!

Invisibobble SPRUNCHIE

If you aren't sure what are those plastic spiral hair rings, they look like old school telephone cords. Maybe a tad thinner. They help you if you have pesky headaches because of a too-tight elastic and help with curly hair as they won't kill the curl.

But, I had a problem with regular invisibobbles. Once my hair got locked around a ring, I couldn't save it. Scissors were the only solution. *shock*

But luckily with this Sprunchie, I had no such problems! 

 Invisibobble SPRUNCHIE


  • has an original shape
  • hygienic product
  • used for convenient styling of your hair

After a month of using it, I can lay out all the pros and cons of wearing and using the sprunchie. 


+ gentle on the hair
+ keeps my curls in place and doesn't break them
+ comfortable
+ no headaches because of a too-tight band
+ comes in 3 colours (black, pink, animal print)


- kind of expensive (7€ for one)
- takes a bit of time to go back to its original shape after a prolonged wear

Invisibobble SPRUNCHIE


This is a good switch from a classic elastic band. It's expensive, but that makes me care a bit more about it. If I had 10 of these, I'd probably be left with only one after a month. Because you know how it's with hair stuff - it's easy to lose especially if it's inexpensive.
I like that my curls don't suffer from wearing my hair in a bun. I mean they do a bit, but not as much as they would with a regular elastic as it doesn't break the curls. 
I'm happy with it!

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