9 Korean Skincare Secrets You Have to Do ASAP

9 Korean Skincare Secrets
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South Korea is the originator of many beauty trends, including the 10-step Korean skincare routine, the glass skin look, probiotic skincare products, and the trendy face masks in all sorts of scents, extracts, and varieties. Korean beauty is unique because it encourages holistic skincare that emphasizes the right method, and less on the product. 

Here are 11 Korean skincare secrets to upgrade your beauty routine:

1. Blurring makeup trick

You can achieve the blurring Korean cosmetic technique by using a particular foundation, called an air-cushion foundation. Air-cushion foundations have humectants that blur away imperfections without all the cakiness most foundations bring. 

The good thing about the Korean blurring technique is that it allows you to give the impression that you have soft skin. These Korean cushion products are right for your face, too! Tony Moly's skin cushion looks chic and has SPF perfect for day time use. You can buy this product here.

2. Do a facial steam massage regularly

Facial massages are so frequent in South Korea that nearly every corner offers facial massages and is as easy to get as a manicure. South Korean women believe that regular face massages are essential for promoting circulation to the face, which helps prevent skin ageing and maintain a youthful glow.

A facial steam massage is ideal for great skin because the steam opens up your pores and helps dislodge embedded impurities. You can easily do your facial steam massage by exposing your face to hot water and letting your face catch the steam while massaging circular motions on your face. It's also ideal to use an oil-based cleanser while performing the massage to help clear out impurities from your face.

3. Exfoliate with a warm washcloth daily

If you are too busy to do a full-on facial steam massage regularly, you can try substituting it with a daily washcloth massage. Warm a gentle washcloth with warm water, and massage on your face in circular motions. The gentle heat will open up your pores, while the washcloth fibres exfoliate your face.

4. Vaginal detox

Chai-yok or vaginal steam is meant to detoxify your private parts and help treat infertility issues by cleansing your uterus. Vaginal steam help balance one's hormone levels, leading to healthier skin and brighter complexion. You'll be naked, sitting on a chair on top of a steaming water pot that’s filled with herbs for about 35 to 45 minutes.

9 Korean Skincare Secrets

5. Drinking barley tea

Roasted barley tea is the go-to tea of choice in South Korea. This nutty-tasting tea is rich in antioxidants that improve blood circulation and aids weight loss. Roasted barley tea is served to South Korean babies as they are believed to fortify the baby's skin and boost immune function.

6. Charcoal face mask

A face mask is undeniably a South Korean thing. Face masks come in all sorts of varieties, from fruit extracts to snail slime. But if you were to choose just one kind of face mask, try the charcoal-infused face mask. Charcoal face masks are all the rage now among beauty enthusiasts, as charcoal face masks detox your skin and draw out impurities from within your pores, leaving you with a notably refreshed and clean look. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then remove it. Pat your face until dry to absorb the leftover essences.

7. Regular use of an overnight sleeping mask

Our skin repairs itself every night when we sleep. Applying an overnight sleeping mask accelerates this renewal process and aids cellular regeneration. Apply a generous amount of overnight sleeping mask after your skincare regimen.

9 Korean Skincare Secrets

8. Treat emergency skincare concerns

Ampoules are like serums on steroids. You can use them when you have emergency skin concerns, such as breakouts and irritation. Apply ampoule on the problem area to correct it immediately.

9. Enhance your natural lip color

South Koreans believe in enhancing one's natural beauty than covering it up through makeup. Lip tints, balms, and oils are popular in South Korea. These are designed to blend and enhance your natural lip color than alter it as most lipsticks do. By improving your natural lip color, you can look more radiant overall.

Final Thoughts

Koreans have taken beauty standards to the next level. With new Korean skincare products released every month, it's only a matter of time before they come up with new trends. The great thing about their beauty industry is that apart from the research and development efforts, the citizens are the testament to their products' effectivity.

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