Viskon 1-Day Iridescent Gray

Viskon 1-Day Iridescent Gray

It's been quite a long time since I wrote about contact lenses. The last time I talked about daily contact lenses was when I reviewed Waldo contacts.

And even longer ago when I reviewed some circle lenses. The last time I reviewed the Beaucon Natural Gray Lenses. 

Today I have something completely different and yet so similar to both of those reviews. I'm reviewing the daily circle lenses by Viskon

Viskon 1-Day Color Contacts in GRAY

Viskon – Not Only a Brand, it’s a Quality. Viskon 1-Day silicone hydrogel color contact lenses. Inspired by the galactic glitter, the lens is designed with deeper limbal ring and shimmer glitters to reflect the iridescent starry night. Just like the galaxy, your eyes are like a cosmic kaleidoscope full with mysterious stories and secrets.

Viskon 1-Day Iridescent Gray

I picked a grey lens because I remember them looking pretty neutral on my green eyes. Nothing that would scare people off (my Glitz Star Aqua kinda creeps out most people).

Viskon 1-Day Iridescent Gray

As these are daily lenses they come in single packets. I ordered a 10 days box, but you can get them in 30 days box too! 

The 10 days box is $13.90 on Honeycolor (where I ordered mine) and the 30 days box is $30.90.

Viskon 1-Day Iridescent Gray

The lenses would really pop on someone with darker eyes. On me, they look just blue. And not really pretty "wow" blue, but "is that the start of glaucoma?" blue. I know that's nothing to make fun of, but I miss a darker rim around the edge.

Because of that, there's nothing mysterious about these on my eyes. But there's a couple of good things about them!

Viskon 1-Day Iridescent Gray

These are extremely comfortable. I still have slight astigmatism and I still prefer to use regular contact lenses. Even more so daily lenses, because they are softer and usually more comfortable compared to weekly or monthly lenses. 

Even if they don't look like much when I'm wearing them and they are pretty expensive compared to my regular daily lenses (which run for about 13€ for 30 lenses) they are still lovely

I mean yes, I'm a bit disappointed but not by much. 

Viskon 1-Day Iridescent Gray

FrequencyDaily Wear
MaterialSilicone Hydrogel
Base Curve8.6mm
Water Content38%
Lens TypePlano and Myopia only

Viskon 1-Day Iridescent Gray


+ very comfortable
+ can be used right away (no soaking needed)
+ very discreet, people had no idea I was wearing anything


- they look somehow boring on me
- I would prefer them with a darker rim on the outside
- expensive


These lenses are very comfortable and easy to use. I could wear them for 12+ hours and wouldn't get dry eyes. In those terms, they are lovely lenses. I didn't feel even once that they would be irritating. And that's a huge plus for me as I have slight astigmatism (and can still wear regular lenses). 
They are very discreet as people didn't know I was wearing them. They are very natural looking. I just wish they would come with a version that has a darker rim. For us people that need something extra. But overall I really enjoyed wearing them and will try another colour next time. I am wondering how would I look with darker lenses. 

What do you think of these lenses? Let me know in the comments below.

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