Sileu Menstrual Cup

Sileu Menstrual Cup

It's been a long time since I reviewed one of these - a menstrual cup
When I first got one my friends looked at me weird as in "Why would you use that?". But now the market has bloomed and it seems that 1/3 of my friends and family has one of them. 

That makes me happy because a menstrual cup is friendly on your pocket (in the long run) and to the environment as ideally you only need one for 10 years of use.

This time I received a menstrual cup all the way from Spain and it looks like a rose. I got the Travel pack which comes with everything you'd ever need for the use of a menstrual cup. 

Sileu Menstrual Cup

The menstrual cup is made from medical grade silicone and it has a nice sleek finish. It feels smooth, but not as in clear menstrual cup smooth, just a bit grainy if that makes sense. 

The menstrual cup came packaged in a cardboard box which had all the instructions on it. Inside I got a small cloth pouch for easier storage.

Sileu Menstrual Cup

With the Sileu Passion travel pack, you will be able to transport your Sileu Rose menstrual cup in your handbag, in your backpack, in your suitcase when you travel, in the glove compartment of the car in a discreet and elegant way. If you get your period while at work, in a meeting, on the street, in the gym, etc, you can go discreetly to the bathroom with the Sileu case in your hand or in your bag with total privacy and no one would notice it.

I really liked how well it photographed. I know it's not much but I like pretty things. 
My other menstrual cups got stained after a couple of cycles and because they are blue/clear the stain is hard to get out. I guess that with this cup being red it won't be as noticeable. 

Sileu Menstrual Cup

The beautiful pouch with a rose design is bigger than it looks because it contains a foldable cup. You put the cup in a microwave with the menstrual cup and water in it. I've tried it twice and it did a great job!

The case measures 8 cm in diameter and is specially designed to store the menstrual cup, in this way it will be protected from dust, lint and dirt, as well as protecting from scratches or damage by other objects, it will always be ready to use when needed. It is made of rigid and resistant foam. In addition, it incorporates in its interior a net to place the cup and prevent it from moving or falling when opening the case.
 Sileu Menstrual Cup

The menstrual cup Sileu Rose is designed in Spain using only medical grade silicone. It is available in two sizes:
– Size S: Suitable for women who are under 25 and/or have not given birth.
– Size L: Suitable for women who are over 25 and/or have given birth.

I got the cup in size L as I'm older and I gave birth to kiddo. That's something that changes the body of a woman, so there's that.

The cup itself comes with a stem for easier removal which I guess most people like, but I always cut it off. My cervix gets pretty low during my period so I found it to be easier if I cut the stem off.

Sileu Menstrual Cup

I like how nicely it's all colour-coordinated. It makes me happy that I have a chance to use something so pretty!

Sileu Menstrual Cup

In the case, I can easily put the menstrual cup and the foldable cup. It makes travelling with a menstrual cup so much easier! And it's discrete enough that you don't feel embarrassed (if that's something that you'd feel ashamed off) if anyone sees it. 

You can get just the menstrual cup and case for 20€ or if you'd feel like you need a cup for cleansing you can the whole set for 28€.

Sileu Menstrual Cup

Okay, I'll white what does a menstrual cup promise for all of you that are new to this:

  • You can use it up to12 hours before you need to empty it (and splash it with a bit of water)
  • One cup will last you up to 10 years (yay on extra money!)
  • It won't dry you out (tampons I'm looking at you!)
  • It's leakproof once you learn how to insert it properly
  • It's comfortable!
  • A better choice for the environment!
  • Doesn't stink! You know how pads stink? Well, a cup doesn't do that. After all, it's just period blood.
Sileu Menstrual Cup


Okay, now that we've shared what it's all about it's time to focus on the cup itself.
This menstrual cup is firmer (compared to Lalicup or Lunette) and feels a bit harder because if it. 
I thought that it would give me problems but it didn't. I learned that I prefer a firmer cup as it's easier to open once inserted and it's easier to remove

Sileu Menstrual Cup

The dimensions are similar to LaliCup in size 1. The Sileu cup is 2mm longer and a bit slimmer but they are still pretty similar. 

While using it I had no leaks and no discomfort. It was lovely using it and because of its firmness, it was easier to use than my regular cup (LaliCup). 


+ it's firm and I like the firmness
+ economical and environmentally friendly
+ no leaks
+ inexpensive in the long run (let's say you have it for 10 years - that comes out to be 0,23€ per month if you get the whole set or 0,16€ if you take only the cup)
+ no smell!


- The purchase is expensive (as you have to pay it right away and not monthly)
- as with all cups you have to find the right size for you - I'm talking more about the length than the with. 

Sileu Menstrual Cup


I find this cup to work for me. I like the firmness it has, the colour and the case it comes with. Everything is so pretty together! I think it's a good cup to have if your cervix doesn't drop too low (I'd say to medium-length works well with this cup) during your period. If your cervix drops very low I think a bell menstrual cup would work better. 
It's comfortable and easy to use. As it's firmer than my other cups it creates the vacuum way easier than the others do (the softer cups). I always thought that I liked softer cups but now I've come to realize that I'm a fan of firmer cups. 

You can get it on the Sileu website.  

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