Men's Suits: How To Get That Red Carpet Look

Men's Suits: How To Get That Red Carpet Look
The guest post was written by Tim Rogers

Aiming for that red carpet look is every man’s dream when getting ready to go to a formal event –

after all, who doesn’t want to look like a leading movie star? Dressing up in a formal suit can really bring out the style when done well. 

The trick is to follow the guidelines for dressing formally and to avoid some of the most common blunders which people make. The stars make looking fabulous seem easy but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to achieve that effortless look. 

Here are our tips for getting that red carpet look:

Follow the black-tie dress code

Black tie means very formal dress, generally, a full tuxedo for men for an evening do, including a bow tie, so make sure you wear the full formal dress including all of the correct accessories. Check out all the information in our guide to make sure you get it right. 

Tuxedo Jacket

For our friends at Dobell - an online source for the best tuxedos; when choosing a tuxedo jacket fit is the most important thing. Look for a single-breasted jacket with a really sleek line for a very smooth sleek appearance. You need to make sure the sleeves are the right length for your arms, reaching to your wrist with a small amount of shirt showing at the cuff. Make sure the shoulders sit perfectly on your own shoulders and that the jacket is not too tight when fastened. 

Tuxedo Trousers

Make sure your tuxedo trousers match your jacket perfectly and the most important thing is to make sure they are the right length. Too short and you will ruin the overall effect, too long and you will look scruffy and untidy. The other thing to consider with trousers is you don’t want them to be too snug as they won’t look good at all. 

Dress shirt 

Your dress shirt should be white, clean and crisp and made from a really high-quality fabric which doesn’t crease easily. You will need cufflinks to wear with it so opt for a pair which is simple and not too gaudy; you don’t want them to ruin your overall look. 

Dress shoes

Make sure you always wear appropriate shoes with your suit; after all, nothing ruins a suit more easily than wearing a casual pair of shoes, or even worse, trainers or sandals. Go for classic black leather lace-up dress shoes with a tuxedo. 

Men's Suits: How To Get That Red Carpet Look

Consider a blue tuxedo

If you want to look different then you could consider going for a navy blue tuxedo rather than a black on but make sure it’s appropriate for the event you are planning to attend. 

Alternatives to tuxedos

If the evening you are attending is a formal dress but does not require a tuxedo then you can look for different colour suits and maybe even try a velvet dinner jacket to create a vintage look to your evening attire. You can go for a suit in grey, purple or maroon and be experimental. 

Understanding suit lapels

There are three different types of lapels on suits. The most common lapel is a notch lapel which appears on most suits and should never appear at a black-tie event. The most formal type of lapel is the peak lapel but tuxedos should have a shawl lapel, which is the one you want for a red carpet look. 

Choose the right accessories

With a formal suit, you need to make sure you choose the right accessories so you will need cufflinks to wear with your dress shirt, along with a tie or a bow tie, potentially a pocket square and dress shoes. You need to make sure you pick accessories which match your suit and tie colours. If you are going to black-tie though, make sure you follow the requirements and don’t go for any kind of novelty accessories for a formal event as it wouldn’t be appropriate. 

Getting the red carpet look right takes a bit of work but by following this guide you will be looking sharp and ready for your close up in no time. All it needs is some co-ordination and making sure all of the small details are in place. 

Turn up with a sharp, perfect-fitting and good quality suit, teamed with a matching shirt and simple, clean accessories and you will be catching the eye of everyone at your event for all the right reasons and not because your trousers are too short or you have the wrong shoes on. 

Meeting the black-tie dress code needn’t be a chore as long as you take your time to get the right suit in the first place and opt for good quality fabric and follow all of the rules laid down by the organisers of the event you are attending. 

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