Winter Skin Care: 4 Moisturizing Tips for the Cold Weather Months

4 Moisturizing Tips for the Cold Weather Months

Written by: Diane Elizabeth

The chilly temps are upon us, and while we do love sipping on our gingerbread lattes and can’t deny the beauty of a gentle snowfall, we really don’t love the toll this cold weather takes on our skin!

Hydrated skin is the key to youthful skin, so this dry air has us running around in circles trying to figure out ways to keep the dryness out and the moisture in so our skin isn’t at risk for accelerated ageing.

We’re happy to tell you that we think we’ve found the perfect tips to ensure your skin stays hydrated and protected all season long!

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Start from the inside out

Plump, hydrated skin cells start from the inside out so keep them happy by ensuring you sip on water throughout the day. 

4 Moisturizing Tips for the Cold Weather Months

Fun gingerbread lattes and peppermint mochas are a staple in the frosty season, but limit your intake when you can. They may warm your bones on a chilly day or night, but they’re usually packed in sugar, which actually draws water out of your skin cells and can break down collagen in the skin. So yes, too much sugar really can age your skin!

Stick to water Infused with lemon and cucumber to spruce it up and provide your insides with a healthy dose of vitamins, and remember that herbal teas count too towards your total intake for the day so go wild!

Try an oil

Oils are where the real deep moisture is and you won’t look back after treating your skin to one, we promise! 

Oils are super concentrated and bursting with nutrients to not only provide deep down moisture, but they also help to strengthen the skin and promote the formation of collagen.

4 Moisturizing Tips for the Cold Weather Months

Always apply your oil to slightly damp skin for best absorption and gently tap (don’t rub) the product into your skin. 

Keep the water lukewarm

Hot water strips the skin of beneficial oils, which can very quickly leave it feeling parched and tight with a dull, unhappy appearance.

Stick to lukewarm water to keep your skin perfectly balanced, pat dry and always follow up with a good organic moisturizer, serum or oil to keep that moisture locked in place. 

Trust a humidifier to hydrate your air 

This is that one tip that could be a total game changer for you when it comes to taking the moisture back!

Humidifiers shoot a continual stream of moisture in the air and drastically increase humidity levels. This increased humidity means your skin will feel dewy and hydrated at all times and your itchy scalp and skin will be no more!

You could even add in some essential oils like lavender to soothe and calm or orange to lift your spirits!

These tips are simple yet highly effective and may change your mind about this frosty season!

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