What You're Missing Out if You're Not Using a Formulyst Serum in Your Skincare Routine

What You're Missing Out if You're Not Using a Formulyst Serum
If you're planning on putting together a full skincare routine a Formulyst serum is a must have. Or you're looking for a product that adds the extra oomph to your skin? Then try looking into serums.
But first, let us clarify what is a serum.

What You're Missing Out if You're Not Using a Formulyst Serum

What is a serum? 

  A serum is a product that is used after cleansing your skin that contains many more active ingredients than your regular moisturizing cream. It is concentrated and is usually formulated in such a way that it penetrates deeper into your skin.   
  That in short means that a serum is a boost for your skin. Serums can be anti-aging (full of antioxidants), hydrating (for that extra hydration boost) or brightening. Serums are used to address one or several different conditions of the skin. If you're curious you can search for the Formulyst review and find several beneficial serums for different skin needs.  

  Why should you use one? 

  Well, since serums are lightweight you won't notice that extra step in your routine. But what you will notice is how much better your skin will look once you find that perfect one.   
 If you want to work on several conditions of your skin - let us say you want to brighter those pesky PIE or PIH spots and you want a hydration boost, you can layer your serums. Or you can always use them separately. One day you'd use a brightening serum and another day you'd use a hydrating one. Or one serum in the morning and another in the evening. The options are endless. But make sure to do some research as some ingredients shouldn't be mixed together. Review the serum ingredients like retinol is since it shouldn't be mixed with several other ingredients.  

What You're Missing Out if You're Not Using a Formulyst Serum

  Types of Serums 

  Anti-aging Serums 

 With age, our skin loses elasticity and volume resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin. Luckily there are several serums on the market that target those areas. Such serums are usually packed full of antioxidants and beneficial hydrating formulations for plumper looking skin. One of the newer, revolutionary formulations is made by the Formulyst. This is another amazing anti-aging serum.

  Brightening Serums 

Pigmentation marks are a telltale sign of ageing skin. Those are a result of inadequate sun protection and sometimes hormonal changes (ie pregnancy). Skin pigmentation can also be a result of acne (PIE). But luckily, there are brightening serums that target those exact areas. Such serums can contain several acid formulations, vitamins like C and E, Alpha Arbutin and occasionally peptides. Pick whichever you like, but make sure to keep your skin protected from the sun to prevent the creation of new pigmentation marks. 

  Hydrating Serums 

 Hydrating serums boost your skin hydration. They make your skin look plumper and thus lightly filling in your wrinkles. If you're aware of the 7-skin method, it's a method where you layer your toner up to 7 times to get a hydration boost. But that can get quickly messy and time-consuming thus a hydrating serum is actually a better option. Formulyst offers several interesting formulas to try. While looking for hydrating serums focus on Hyaluronic Acid to get that boost for your skin. But be careful to review the ingredients carefully as sometimes hydrating serums are full of alcohol that makes the skin drier after a longer period of use.  

What You're Missing Out if You're Not Using a Formulyst Serum

  In Conclusion 

 As we've seen you can target different skin problems with different serums. Or we can say that there's a serum for every skin condition. You can layer them, use them once you need them and never again or use them intermittently. The choices are endless.   If you're looking for an extra hydration boost, try with hydrating serums. Be always observant of the serums you buy and always review the ingredients they contain so you can be sure they contain exactly what your skin needs.  
  The Formulyst line is launching in August 2018.

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