BOLERO DRINKS - Advanced Hydration

BOLERO DRINKS - Advanced Hydration

A couple of weeks ago I went to a sports nutrition store and saw that they have these Bolero drinks sachets. I have seen them before but never realized just how cheap they are (about 0.30€) and how small they are.

Since I was curious I decided to try a few. I also decided that working with the company that sells them in Slovenia (Bolero Drinks) would be a lovely idea. That's why they also sent me a couple of Bolero drinks (about 9). 


Delicious, handy and sugar-free!

  1. Bolero drinks are available in 58 flavors, is for everyone, from young to old. Bolero is gluten- and sugar-free, low in calories, lactose-free, contains natural colorants and no preservatives.
  2. Bolero sticks, a format for on the go; So small that you can easily put it in your pocket, yet good for at least 500ml of tasty drink.
  3. Bolero Classic format is for home use; Easy to store and yields between 1.5 to 2.5 liters per sachet. And for large consumers, we have the XL format; Good for at least 20 liters of Bolero.

BOLERO DRINKS - Advanced Hydration

And because in the time I got the sponsored packet of the drinks I have tried about 3 of them and loved it, well, I decided to purchase a "try me" pack of 56 flavors

That's kind of crazy, isn't it? 

BOLERO DRINKS - Advanced Hydration


I know. It's completely lunatic but I really enjoyed drinking some juice guilt-free after all the time drinking plain water. Don't get me wrong, I love plain water. It's my jam. But here and there I would love to drink some juice, just without the extra calories. That makes sense, right? 

BOLERO DRINKS - Advanced Hydration


  • Bolero Drinks are sugar-free 
  • Bolero Drinks are low in calories

Yeah, that's what got me. No sugar, BUT they do contain stevia and another artificial sweetener which means that the drinks are really sweet. Like really sweet. 

BOLERO DRINKS - Advanced Hydration

  • Bolero Drinks are conveniently packed so you can take them along anywhere you go, to your work(out), on vacation and so on
True, it's so easy to throw one of these sachets in your bag and just go with your day. But I do wish they would come in bigger packagings. Not single packagings but like a big pot of bolero drinks. For several liters (like let's say 200g of the drink). I mean, YES they do make bulk packaging of 6 flavors. But we want more flavors! In prettier packaging. 

BOLERO DRINKS - Advanced Hydration

  • Bolero Drinks are very affordable and are a brand with a wide range of 59 flavors currently 
At about 30c at a sachet which yields about 4L of drink (for me), they are really affordable.
  • Bolero Drinks can be prepared with soda/sparkling water or tap water
  • Bolero Drinks can also be used in your favorite recipes like desserts, shakes, smoothies, ice creams, cakes, muffin, frostings and so on
True, I have also seen people mix them with other ingredients. Like cereal. I haven't tried that but it does seem like a valid option. 

  • You could make up to 2,5 liter of Bolero Drink with one sachet depending on your taste
Well, for me they are way too sweet. I usually make about 4L of the drink with one sachet. It's just way too sweet otherwise. 

BOLERO DRINKS - Advanced Hydration

  • With Bolero Drinks you can create endless different flavors by combining two or more flavors like Orange and Peach or Lemon and Cola

I haven't tried that yet but it does sound plausible. I need to try them alone first and then I'll go about mixing them together.

BOLERO DRINKS - Advanced Hydration

I really love how they look. I mean technically, yes they are just plain sachets with a bottle printed on them. But they are so colorful that they make me smile. 

BOLERO DRINKS - Advanced Hydration


I have tried several of the bolero drink flavors and my favorites are currently the pineapple and passion fruit. I also like the mango flavor but others are mostly okay. 
I realized that I like candy-flavored drinks and these are exactly that. They remind me of candy. 


The first time I drank the juice, it was all great and dandy. But after a liter or two, I was a regular guest at the loo. So make sure to drink in moderation and when you go overboard, well, stay close to a loo since these work as a diuretic (artificial sugars + lots of them = a quick trip to a loo).

I also noticed that if I drink these drinks on the daily, I get slightly bloated. Not a lot, but still noticeably bloated. 
I also noticed that even if at first they helped to keep my sugar cravings at bay, later on, I got even more sugar cravings. I guess that my brain just doesn't like to be tricked with artificial flavors. 

BOLERO DRINKS - Advanced Hydration


I am enjoying the drinks and I think they will be my go-to quick sugar fix and they are perfect for the days when I'm not feeling like drinking plain water. 
PLUS, my kiddo loves them. I give them to him in moderation and he especially loves the cola flavor as I'm not a fan of giving kids the real thing. 
I am glad that I found them. I definitely recommend them at least for a quick try. 

BOLERO DRINKS - Advanced Hydration

If you are looking for a quick place to shop, you can find them at 

Would you give them a try?

*I received some of the products from the PR of the company. My opinions are always honest. 

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