finding your motivation

Many people would say that you can't find motivation, there is motivation or there isn't.

Well, I'm one of those people that are still looking for their life purpose and thus there is no real motivation that would make me do what I need to do (get slim, get healthier, DO something).

And because we're all struggling somewhere, BunnyEchoes and I decided to write a collaborating post about a healthier lifestyle and how to do it. You can find her post here - How to start your transformation by BunnyEchoes

Here are some tricks and tips on how to do what you need to do in order to get where you want to be.
It is not a conventional "get healthy" post, but more a thinking about it post. And hopefully, you'll find some tips that will help you too. 


For me, motivation is a tricky beast. 
When I wake up I don't have something really strong that would tell me what I need to do. There's no a higher purpose or anything like that. I don't just know what to do. 

But instead, I have to think about it. What am I trying to achieve? 
I try to visualize what I want and then (because I love lists) I make a list of what to do to get there.

Today I'll concentrate on getting healthier and toned up.

finding your motivation


That's easy. Right? 
Just eat right, do some exercise. 

I mean, okay that's practically it, but there's one important thing that's missing. Motivation

You need to know why you want to become healthier. Maybe because you're sick and tired of your fat rolls and the inability to be as perky and agile as you were when you were younger?
Maybe because you actually want to eat something that's better for your body than just a damn piece of cake (even if it's delicious)?

But even if you know why you want to do something, that doesn't mean you'll do it. 

No, now it's time to DO IT.

Okay, let's say that I need to lose some fat. I'll just speak hypothetically.
In order to do that I need to decide that I want to do that. Then I'll visualize it. 
After that, I'll write down what I need to do. 
And then the main step - just do it. Stop thinking about excuses "oh I'll start tomorrow", just do it. 



And I say it is probably true. I am no expert on that. But I know how it feels to lack motivation.
After three months on a good diet plan, I relapsed. And you know why? Because I craved junk food. And first, it was "just one bite" and then it was "just one meal" and then it was "meh, it's a cheat DAY" and after that, I just kept repeating the "mantra". 

So yes, it's hard. Extremely hard or everyone would be able to do it on their first try. 

But you know what? I won't give up. Because deep inside I know that I can do it. 
And I'll stick to my workout and diet routine until I know it by heart. 

finding your motivation


  1. Think WHAT you want and WHY you want it
  2. Visualize it. Go into all the details you need.
  3. WRITE it down. Write the steps on how you will do it. If you need help, get some friends or a professional to help you with it.
  4. DO IT. Just do it. Don't overthink it.
  5. REPEAT the 4th step all over again until you are where you want to be.

If you get stuck, just repeat the whole process. It doesn't matter if you succeed at your first or your 60th try. All it matters is that you succeed.

Good luck!

Let me know in the comments what do you think about such articles. 

photos credit: PixBay

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