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Last time you may have enjoyed my window shopping and finding my favorite dresses picks.
But this time I was looking at polka dots from Dresslily. And let me tell you - I had no idea that there could be so many different polka dot dresses styles.
If you are curious which ones were the ones that I liked the most, you are welcome to join me on this journey.

Dresslily - Dress to Express

Okay, so what are polka dots? Wikipedia tells us they are:

Polka dot is a pattern consisting of an array of large filled circles of the same size.
Polka dots are most commonly seen on children's clothing, toys, and furniture, but they appear in a wide array of contexts. The pattern rarely appears in formal contexts, however, and is generally confined to more playful attire such as bathing suits and lingerie. Occasionally, white-on-black small dots appear on more formal clothing. Read more.

And since polka dots are fun, they are a nice and easy way to make your outfit more playful
I browsed Dresslily and found some interesting choices that vary from very casual to more formal.

  • The first dress is more of a summer top perfect for summer evenings when a slow breeze comes out. I can see myself wearing it at the beach with white denim shorts and flipflops.
  • The second dress has to be my favorite of the bunch. Instead of red polka dots, it has red roses and white polka dots. It gives me a rock feeling and I'm digging it. I'd wear it combined with a black purse and nude heels. I'd probably add some black earrings to make it stand out more. 
  • The third dress is very formal and I can see myself wearing it at a wedding or maybe an evening dinner. I'd probably just wear nude heels with it and a classic hairdo. 

red polkadot dresses

But I didn't stop there, no. I had to check all the other styles of polka dot dresses they offer and found the next three to my liking:

  • The first dress is a really pretty casual dress that screams "I got style". I would pair it with a golden bracelet and big earrings. Just to add something extra to the outfit.
  • The second dress is a classic polka dot dress that reminds me of when I was younger and wore similar dresses. I'd probably pair it with some sneakers and call it a casual day.
  • And the third dress is a similar dress to the second but the biggest difference is the straps. Here they look a bit flirty and youthful and they give the same feeling to the dress. I'd pair the dress with sunglasses and high heels. view more

red polkadot dresses

Of course, there are other dress styles that you can find on Dresslily, not just polka dot dresses. I picked these because they looked fun. 

What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below.

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