New in: January 2018

January monthly haul 2018

Last time I completely forgot to post all the new goodies that I got or bought during the month of January. And because I do not want to do that mistake again, it's time for me to share what found its way to me in the month of January 2018.

Let's see. All the products that I got are marked with a *, otherwise, it means I bought them myself. 

New in: January 2018

The month of January was my birth month and I "finally" turned 30. This means that I have gone a bit overboard with all my purchases  ...

LOV new products 2018

There was a big update at the LOV Cosmetics* and I got a care package that included the products above. I went more in depth in the post LOV Cosmetics Get Your Glow.

I am really a fan of the brow duo, it's my absolute favorite product from the goodie package I got.

Balea Be a Tiger sheet mask

Next, I had to back to the drugstore as I needed some gentle toothbrushes because I was using a hard one and my teeth weren't really happy about it. Whoops.

Balea be a panda sheet mask

I got myself a Balea Sheet mask from a LE because last time (same month) I bought the Panda one too, which I really enjoy, some Curaprox toothbrushes, a new L'Oreal Paradise Mascara becaus I heard it is good. With my purchase I got this L'Oreal Nude Cushion* which I am enjoying quite a bit!

Clay ritual clay mask

I was looking at the beautiful packaging that ClarRitual ( uses and I finally caved and bough the trio of all the clay facial masks. I gave one away as a gift but keep the other two. Aren't they pretty?

Clay ritual clay facial cream

And after my first post about the brand, I got a surprise package as a thank you from them. It was just lovely! This time it's a facial cream* that I've been eyeing for a while. 

Avon extreme wear lipsticks

Avon surprised me with a new lipstick formula*. I got two shades to try and I really like how well they perform on my lips. Both are long-lasting.

Labellino new scent

I also got the new flavour of the new Labellino*. I love how they look but am less impressed with their performance. 

skintrick kbeauty haul

Skin Trick surprised me with a HUGE care package full of Kbeauty products* and I love everything from it! I wrote more about it here: New in K-Beauty.

ASOS purchase

Because I still had my promo code from ASOS for 20% off from my Advent Calendar (that was a smart move Asos!), I used it for some interesting products. One of them was the Pixie Glow Mud cleanser. I am using it already and so far it's a damn good cleanser that leaves my skin soft and supple.


I'm usually not someone who wears a lot of jewelry* (in fact, my whole collection is still sitting meshed together in a bag after my move), so this gift was quite a surprise. But nonetheless, I enjoy it!

Bourjois healthy mix powder

Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder* is not something that I thought I needed but once I started using it I realized that yes, I DO need it. It is easy to work with and doesn't look powdery once I apply it.

nabla cosmetics single eyeshadows

After some thinking I decided that I'll do a Project 10 pan this year. In it I wanted to include my Nabla DIY palette, but I had two empty spots in it. Well, what did I do? I bought two more shades so I can pan them all. Genious. Hahaha.

Brush Soap Muller

I didn't own a brush cleansing soap since I used the one from the article - The Ultimate Cheat On Cleaning Brushes. That means that I've cleaned my brushes with a gentle soap (Balea Sensitive) and called it a day. But then I heard that may not be the best idea and decided to invest in a cleansing soap. I picked the only one I found in Muller (and missed the opportunity to wait for a couple of days and get the upocoming one from Essence) by Barbara Hofmann.

I also picked a new eyebrow brush because my favorite got destroyed after a through cleansing.

Deciem The Ordinary Drama

Have you heard about the Deciem Drama? Well, I have and I've decided to stock on some products that were on my wish list. I got myself the Lactic Acid, some Retinol, EUK and a Retinoid

gift package

As January was my birth month, I got a lovely surprise* from my ex-coworker. Thank you, darling!

Nelipot natural deodorant

And as last, I got a natural deodorant that I was waiting for so long. I've used up my sample and wanted to buy it but it was still in the creation process. Once I got it I wrote a quite review about it. You can find it here Nelipot Mladizhen*. 

Let me know which products should I review first. I was thinking: Avon lipsticks or L'Oreal Nude Cushion? Let me know in the comments.

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