Your Perfect guide to party Makeup and Hair

Your Perfect guide to party Makeup and Hair
Written by Jane W

Coming Saturday night is going to be girl’s night out and you have no idea about how to look at your best. Do not worry, when we are here. Obviously no women likes going to a party without any makeup. Women enjoy every event which provides her a chance to pamper them. However, of course many of us are hair and makeup beginner though want to flaunt and end up asking for help from our friends or mate to achieve unique and glamorous look. But not anymore, tight your seat belts we are hopping in a journey of learning few makeup tips and trick that will beauty more radiant.

Your Perfect guide to party Makeup and Hair


No matter whether it is summer, winter or spring season. Protecting your skin must be your primary goal. Therefore before applying makeup wash your face to remove any dirt or debris present on your skin. Secondly, grab a serum with vitamin C because while the moisturizer works at outer surface serum work within. In addition to this applying serum or primer will also stop secretion of excessive sebum that can melt off your makeup.

Afterwards, select a basic foundation according to your skin tone and makes it brighter and fresh. Never compromise quantity over quality while choosing your makeup products. Once you have applied foundation it is time to hide any unwanted imperfections. Grab on a concealer and apply it on blemishes or acne scars. To hide under eye circles apply concealer in a triangular shape between your nose cheeks and under eye area, blend it well. This will hide the shadowed parts and highlight your cheekbone. 

Take a blush and apply in on your cheeks for a natural blushing look. Use a highlighter under your chin bone, T-zone and cupid to sculpt your face. 

Eye Makeup:

Glamorous eye makeup makes people turn their head around, therefore, emphasizing on eye makeup while getting ready for a party is very important. One should consider availing their eye makeup products in the best manner they can. For a Saturday night party makeup you can go smoky by creating smoky eyes or add glitter to it for a more dazzling look. But if you are going with dark lip color try to go with natural nude shades for the eye makeup to create balance.

Your Perfect guide to party Makeup and Hair

Glamorous Lips:

The world of lipsticks has evolved greatly and there are various shades available in the market. You are going for glittery eyeshade go for matte lip color. However, if your eye makeup is light you can grab a super dark glittery lipstick. If you do not have one let me tell you a trick to achieve one without thinking twice. Apply your lip color and coat it with a transparent lip gloss and apply a fine makeup glitter over it with a small flat makeup brush.

Shiny Nails:

Who does not likes a perfect manicure? Before going to a party I always apply some shining metallic nail paint to my nails. Pick a gold or silver nail paint which goes perfectly with your outfit. Shades of purple, pink, green or dark blue can also go perfectly on a Saturday night out.

Your Perfect guide to party Makeup and Hair


Hair is an important part of your personality and enhances your beauty. But styling cannot do wonders at once. Hair needs proper care and pampering. Therefore, weekly oiling and nourishment are necessary. However, if you have a night out apply oil to your hair in the daytime 30 minutes before shampooing your hair. This will nourish your hairs and will provide shine to them. 

You can style your hair in many ways but if you are going to meet people after a long time always try to try new hair looks. Curl your hair if you have straight hairs or wise versa. Always dry your hairs with a hair dryer before styling this provides hair with extra volume. For a perfect hairstyle perfect equipment are also needed that claims to not damage your hairs. You can check post for 2018 best curling iron here. 

Hope I have provided you with general tips for getting ready for the upcoming party night.

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