Womanizer 2GO + GIVEAWAY

Womanizer 2GO

Continuing this week of sensual toys review it's time I share with you all a product that came to the market as complete innovation with its special technology.

I'm talking about the Womanizer in the 2GO version.

Womanizer 2GO - Ivory Gold

As an everyday companion, the womanizer2go has a small size: it is discreet and fits into every handbag. A long-term development process was necessary for this progress.

I got the product in the most beautiful form - in the Ivory Gold color and it looks amazing.
But before we go there, let us address the "what" of the product.  The name.

Womanizer 2GO

The brand is called Womanizer and I think I'm not the only one that thinks it's extremely tacky. And considering the product came from a husband-wife pair it's also a bit unfortunate.
Their older models also look a bit unfortunate (tacky), but this 2GO version is brilliant - it's something I'd proudly have on display on my beauty stand.

Let us ignore the name and let's see how it works.

Womanizer 2GO

  The 2go is not inserted or placed on the skin but works without touching the clitoris. Contrary to conventional products, the stimulation is not caused by penetration or vibration. With our Pleasure Air-Technologie®, the clitoris is smoothly sucked in by the device and then stimulated by pulsating pressure waves without contact. This provides a new, lustful experience, which is crowned by violent orgasms.

Okay, the promises are really awesome - no direct contact, air suction, and amazing earth-shattering experiences

Womanizer 2GO

Before we even go there, let's take a look at how it presents itself. It looks as a luxurious huge lipstick. Isn't it pretty?

Womanizer 2GO

The cap serves as a protective case and for better hygiene (for those who never owned a toy made from silicone - everything clings to it!).

I applaud the design it as it's easy to travel with and discreet enough that people just won't know what is it.

Womanizer 2GO

In the box you get: 
  Womanizer 2GO
  Silicone stimulation head
  XL silicone stimulation head
  USB charging cable
 Operating instruction

Womanizer 2GO

 The stimulation intensity can be adjusted continuously - from gentle to powerful. Since the newly developed stimulation system works practically without direct contact with the clitoris, now over-stimulation is a thing of the past.

The head of the "lipstick" is where the magic happens.
On the bottom, there's a button with which you turn it on/off and change between 6 power settings.

The intensity goes from "hmm, what?" to "OMG!!" with a couple of click of the button.

Womanizer 2GO

I was actually curious on how would the toy turn out to be as the reviews it has are more than excellent. 

And you know what? I wasn't screaming in delirium after the first couple of uses as the feeling is something completely different than the usual vibrators have. But after that, I got used to the feeling and now I enjoy it. 

Womanizer 2GO

With one charge for 60 minutes, you can play with it for 2 full hours. But with it, 2 hours aren't necessary so a full charge will probably last you a couple of weeks

The only downside I found to it was that once you start using it, there's absolutely no need or use to move it around. Laying/sitting still is perfect for it to do the job it was meant to do.

You can get it on their official site for about 160€. 

But you can also win it in my giveaway that the company has so kindly sponsored.

 You must be 18 + years to participate. Open internationally
Begins on September 7th and ends on September 21st.

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