I got a DAITH piercing!

daith piercing

Ever since I read that a piercing can make your migraines go away, I knew I wanted to have it.
Because why not, I am all for shiny new piercings and if they do something extra the better!

And so I got it - a daith piercing.

Getting a daith piercing

Getting one was a no brainer. I was even thinking about getting a helix, maybe an anti-tragus but after reading so many posts about it being great for migraines, I had to have it.

What is it?

Daith piercing (pronounced DäTH) is an ear piercing that passes through the ear's innermost cartilage fold, the crus of the helix. In most areas this piercing is pronounced "day-th" which can be compared to the word "faith", which is nonstandard. The standard pronunciation is "doth" like "goth".[citation needed]The piercing is located in an 'awkward place' due to it being in a curvy place, and is usually pierced with a straight hollow needle. Curved barbells, BCR/CBR (ball closure ring/captive bead ring) and Hearts and moon for the Daith piercing are the most common jewelry to wear. Read more on Wikipedia ...

How did it go?

I went to get my "point zero" pierced with my twin sister (you may remember her from her ex-blog XoXo Parisky). She got her helix pierced and I had to wait. I almost changed my mind about five times before sitting on the chair ...

daith piercing

I don't know if I ever was this nervous about a piercing and it was all because I didn't feel my tragus when I got it done and I somehow knew that this one would be different.

The piercing part was  ... fun. Okay, I got grumpy and quite irritated because the thing *hurt* as the needle went through the cartilage. But luckily that took only a couple of seconds and I was done. I sweated from under my eyes and I didn't know that was possible!!

After the ring was inserted I was good to go! I felt like I overslept on my ear for an hour or so, but the joy of having something new and shiny kept me happy so I didn't mind it.

daith piercing

I know the healing time may be long as it is with all my piercings but I don't mind it. 

The cleaning

The cleaning is easy. I do a soak (soak a cotton ball, put in on the piercing and let it be for a couple of minutes) about 2-3 times a day and once per day, I use the cleansing spray. It should be used max for two weeks. 

daith piercing

It's less fuss than it was with my other piercings as I can just kind of stick the wet cotton ball and let it do its job. No fuss :D.

Oh and I can almost sleep on the pierced side. That just didn't happen for about two months with my tragus so for me, this is a big deal!

daith piercing

It's been almost a week and I can't wait for the time I'll be able to switch this little gem for a prettier one (not that this one isn't but you know me, I like to change my jewelry).  So far, everything is going fine. I even dyed my hair in the meantime and it went absolutely without a problem. Love it!

What about migraines? 

Well sadly and luckily I can't say anything about them. I rarely get them, a couple of times per year and nothing too bad. 

In the end, I'm happy that I had it done. 

Do you have one? Would you consider getting one because of migraines? 

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