ESSENCE Colour Boost - 01 instant friendship

ESSENCE Colour Boost - 01 instant friendship

It's been a while since I've been excited about a nail polish. And by excited, I mean not getting bored of it after one use and picking it for several consecutive manicures. 

Because yes, that happens. Usually, because the formula isn't perfect, the brush is a PITA or something similar. But not this baby. 
Why? Read on!

ESSENCE Colour Boost

the highly-pigmented nail polishes in trendy pastel and intensive colours ensure summery nail styles! the shiny formula has a high coverage and offers a smooth finish with just one application.

Okay, so it's a pigmented nail polish. Nothing new, right? 

True, but the pigmentation is lovely and with this color I needed only two thin coats to get an opaque look. 

Plus, it dries quickly. I've tested a similar shade by another brand and needed 4 coats to get to this kind of opacity and the thing just didn't want to dry up. And once it did, it looked chalky!

ESSENCE Colour Boost - 01 instant friendship

Luckily there is no chalkiness involved with this baby pink shade called Instant friendship. 

ESSENCE Colour Boost - 01 instant friendship

Once it's dry, it's there to stay! 

The brush is lovely and didn't give me any problems. But I did notice that the formula gets a bit goopier the more I use it. Hm, I guess that's nothing that a few thinner drops couldn't fix. But still, I found it to be interesting. I think I had it about 5 or 6 times on my nails by now. And I have it for only a month :o.

ESSENCE Colour Boost - 01 instant friendship

The staying power is mediocre. I mean it doesn't chip the next day, but after three days I have white tips and sometimes small chips around the cuticle. Which I find to be weird. But I may be extra hard on my nails while typing the whole day?

Overall I'm happy with this shade, formula, and brush. I don't mind the chips since the application is a relaxing process unlike with other polishes of a similar shade.

Did you try any of the new polishes from this line? How did you like them?

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