My Favorite products for Spring!

I love Spring, I really do. 
And with Spring comes a changed beauty routine, one that matches the weather outside.

That's why I created this post in which I guide you through my Spring Favorites that I recommend to all. 

My Favorite products for Spring!


In my Must haves are definitely these three items:

1. Catrice Perfecting & Shaping Brow Gel - Eyebrow Filler

It's a product that helps to fill up my brows and adds to them a bit of color. It's available in two shades. The wand looks like a smaller mascara wand, but instead of plastic bristles these are made from something that reminds me of "natural hair" bristles, but I'm sure that's not it since Catrice is cruelty-free. The gel comes with small fibers that are meant to fill up your brows, but I never noticed them on my brows anyhow. The eyebrows look natural and flawless after application

2. Essence Volume Stylist 18H  Curl & Hold Mascara

If I didn't enjoy the similarly shaped mascara from Catrice, I do enjoy this one from Essence. The design of the mascara cap is brilliant, different and funky. But that wouldn't help a bit if the mascara was bad. Luckily, it is awesome and it gives my lashes volume and some length. Which is exactly that I'm looking for in a mascara. It's fuss free and a perfect Spring mascara! Now if it came in a waterproof version then we'd have a Summer mascara too! 

3. H&M Beauty Sponge (light pink)

H&M has a range of beauty sponges meant for application of several liquid products to your face. I picked two - a light pink and a light green. The pink is a tad sturdier than the green which I find to be too soft for my liking. Overall it's a great beauty sponge for less than 3€. 

4. Lancome Cushion Blush

At first, I was a bit wary of the cushion system. But it's true, I didn't have the blush case, just the refill so it was a bit of a problematic to bring it with me.
But now that I do own the whole system (case + blush) I enjoy it. The pink was a color I didn't expect to like on my cheeks, but here I am - a fan of it after a couple of weeks. 
The blush is small, compact and comes with a small pad for application. It's easy to subtly apply it whenever it's needed and it leaves a glowy finish. It's lightweight so it's just perfect for warmer days

5. Lancome Matte Shaker 

A product that I was excited to try since I enjoyed the Jucy version. It was my favorite lip product for a long time, up until I gave it away so a friend could also enjoy how awesome it is. You know, spreading the excitement like that. The matte version is brilliant. I didn't expect to like it since mattes are more for Winter and during Spring I enjoy a more moisturizing product. But this is more like a lip tint that just doesn't budge. Lightweight and long lasting are the two words I'd describe it with. 

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette

A palette I didn't know I'd get, I just wanted to have something really pigmented. But then my lovely friend gifted it to me and now it's my favorite palette! The colors are lovely, ranging from pinks to reds and some brows. It's the perfect palette for Spring and even better for all those that have green eyes!

7. Holika Holika Aqua Petite Jelly BB Cream

I wouldn't be me if I didn't include something from the Korean range of beauty products, right?
This is my favorite lightweight foundation that I find perfect for warmer days. It has a slightly matte finish and once you start blending it, you have to be quick since it dries in about 30 sec. The packaging is made from glass, so it's not one of the most travel-friendly packagings out there, but the formula outweighs that. It's a lovely BB cream (foundation) for Spring.


1. Clearasil Rapid Action Pads

With Summer coming we need to get our body ready. Well, I suffer from bacne and arms & legs small spots and was looking for something that would help with those. More exactly I was looking for something with salicylic acid in it that I could leave on overnight. 
I found this product in our local drugstore (Muller) and started using it a couple of times per week on my back. The bacne has almost disappeared so I call it a success! Why I think it should be in the Spring favorites list? Because if you suffer from body acne, this is the product for you. It's actually meant for your face where it definitely works, but it's so full of alcohol that is quite a bit too drying for that part. 


1. Aveo Nail polish remover with acetone

I swear by this product. I know it contains acetone and that's the reason why it's super easy to remove nail polish with it. The previous version was green and I also used it to remove gelish manicures and it worked just wonderfully. It's an inexpensive remover that does its job well. 

2. China Glaze Ghoulish Glow

The time for festivals has arrived! With this top coat, even your nails can shine (in the dark).
I put it on this list because it's super fun. 

3. Essence Honey Care Smoothing Nail & Cuticle Scrub

This is a very moisturizing cuticle scrub that feels more like a nourishing cream than a scrub. But it smells exactly like honey (yay for all the honey lovers out there) and does its job well. After use, my cuticles are pretty looking (no dry flakes) and moisturized. Even when I wash off the remaining product with warm water. It got on this list because, after a long Winter, our nails need some pampering.

These were my Spring Must Haves, which ones are yours?

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