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Essence Outta space is the place nail polish

It's been quite a long time since I posted a manicure. It's not that I don't do manicures anymore, but ti's more like me forgetting to take pictures of them. Whoops!

But today I'm here to talk about a very special nail polish. It's by Essence and it's called Outta space is the place.

Outta space is the place

holographic, iridescent and metallic nail polishes in bright colours ensure a trendy prism-effect.
Is how the description of this series goes.  I don't know about the other colors, but this one is definitely special. 

It's a pale nude pink with a green sheen. 

Essence Outta space is the place

I applied three layers because with two it looked a bit streaky. The formula is on the thicker side and has a slightly frosty finish

Overall it was quite a difficult formula to work with (mainly because of the thickness of it), but I am sure that a drop or two of my nail polish thinner will do the trick.

Tara from Beauty of Nail polish had a better experience with the formula. 

Do you like "special" nail polishes? If yes, which ones are your favorites? 


  1. Tako lepa barva je <3 Se pa strinjam za formulo, tudi meni ni bila všeč :/

  2. Oo kako lepa barva <3 je pa pregosta formula kar problem :(


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