Best Vitamins For Beautiful Skin

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Written by: Diana Bailey

Many people tend to associate vitamins and minerals to just overall health and fitness. In the world of cosmetics, facial treatments and all other forms of bottled products are used to heal and support skin problems. But in fact, there are other better and more natural solutions.

It is obvious that your physical appearance easily reflects your diet, and the type of lifestyle you have. Fewer people tend to care about their skin because of the fact that it can be easily covered by concealer and foundation. However, your skin can tell you more about your health.

Best Vitamins For Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin glows from within the body. Someone who has healthy and radiant skin will no longer need to hide under layers of makeup. Besides, our body is covered by our skin and is a very important part of us. It only makes sense to take care of them well.

The best tip to take care of your skin is not just about investing in the best skin care products. What you eat and even the vitamins you take can already bring you one step closer to healthier skin. Below is a list of the best vitamins you can try:
Vitamin A

Vegetables in a bowl for healthy skin

Whenever someone gets injured by a scratch or a cut on their skin, many doctors will most likely recommend a diet that is filled with Vitamin A. This vitamin isn't just for bright eyes, it is essential for maintaining and repairing skin tissues.

If you are Vitamin A deficient, you are most likely to have dry or flaky skin. In order to get your healthy boost of this vitamin, incorporate more green leafy vegetables and carrots into your meals. Vitamin A is also said to help reduce acne and wrinkles as well.

Vitamin B Complex

Fruits, vegetables and diary

Need a vitamin that evens out your skin tone like makeup does? You might need a dose of Vitamin B Complex. Although most popularly known as a great source of biotin, Vitamin B Complex also has anti-inflammatory properties that are best for people who have acne.

A deficiency in Vitamin B Complex can lead to hair loss and dermatitis. To avoid this, you may either take a supplement or a diet with some of the following vegetables and fruits: broccoli, spinach, green beans, tofu, berries and avocados.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is probably the first vitamin type anyone would think of in terms of skin. If you are looking to have a smoother complexion that is free from scars or rough and dry skin, it may be a good idea to start incorporating some more Vitamin E into your lifestyle.
Vitamin E capsules

There are plenty of Vitamin E infused cosmetic products nowadays which you can take advantage from, but if you are looking for a more sustainable source, try using Vitamin E oil instead. Vitamin E supplements are also very popular in the market.

Taking Care Of Your Health

While taking vitamins for the sake of improving your skin isn't bad, never forget to pay attention to your physical health as well. Check in with your doctor before deciding to take any kind of supplements. Being healthy should be a priority; beautiful skin will follow.

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