NOTD: Catrice Apricot Epoch

Catrice Victorian Poetry Nail polish

I may be late to the party with this beautiful pastel orange nail polish, but so what. :P
I got it once I already thought I'm too late and will never get this line of nail polishes. But I was wrong. 

In a stroke of luck, I found a full stand of these beauties for me to take. And I got most of them, except for one that wasn't available.

But today I will focus on this pastel polish. A polish named Apricot Epoch

Catrice Apricot Epoch

Pretty Ornaments. The five nail polishes in the latest shades like berry, nude or lilac have a convincing silky matt finish. The extraordinary design of the bottle and the gift tags create a festive flair.
Beauty Tip
For an especially glamorous look for festive occasions, apply the same colour on your nails and lips. This collection offers matching lipsticks with a silky matt finish to go with the nail polishes in C01 Berry British and C02 Poetic Pink. Go for the berry shade or pink to present your nails and lips as a gorgeous beauty duet!

Catrice Apricot Epoch

I am sad that I couldn't capture this nail polish in all its glory. On the sunlight, it shines like a diamond as it has tiny micro glitter in the same color as is the polish

I had no problems with the brush since this is a limited edition from the Victorian Poetry LE
On my photos, I applied a layer of top coat because the polish itself dries to a matte finish

Catrice Apricot Epoch

I used two layers of nail polish as the formula was lovely. On the lighter side, but still nice. The polish dried pretty quickly to a matte finish.

I am very happy with this polish as it gives me the "dolls hands" (mannequin) look that we all hoped to achieve one day. I'm totally out of the manicure world so I don't know the slang anymore, but yeah ... 

Do you love apricot polishes? 


  1. Zelo lepa, enostavna manikira. Love it. Imam pa eno vprašanje... lak mi nikoli ne zdrži dlje od enega dneva pa čeprav nanesem podlak in nadlak pa še utrjevalec. Kako za nohte skrbiš ti?


    1. Hvala.
      Po mojem je ful odvisno od samega ujemanja tvoje telesne kemije z laki.
      Pri meni recimo Essence laki ful časa zdržijo, ampak Essie pa sploh ne.
      Tako da za začetek mogoče, če probaš z drugo kombinacijo nad in podlaka in pred nanosom laka še enkrat obrišeš nohte z odstranjevalcem laka ali alkoholom. :)


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