My Experience with shopping on DressLink

My experience with DressLink started the same day I created my wishlist. I was contacted by the company and was offered a $21 budget to try some products from them. I said yes because I was curious about the whole process and of course, I wanted to see how well are the products made.

I had a very hard time picking just a couple of items in the budget because shipping depends on the weight of the package. But in the end, I picked 3 items.

Here's what I got

So I picked up a pair of black (in the picture they are gray, so it's easier for you to see) kid's pants, a "blazer" for me and a nice red wallet because mine was coming to pieces.

How much was it?

Not much, am I right?

After I made the purchase, I sent the order number to the company and they promptly paid for it. Shipping took about 3 weeks to get to me. I must admit that I totally forgot about the products before they came. But when I did finally get them, I was all excited!

The products

1. The kid's pants are well made and of good quality. My kid found them to be cute but maybe too cute for kindergarten. Since I picked a size a bit bigger, they will be perfect for colder months. These were a great purchase for about $3!

2. Big red, clutch wallet. I was the most excited about it since I needed a new one. And it is truly lovely. Big, with many compartments, well made of faux leather. I had more expensive, worse made wallets before. So yay! It was about $3.5

3. Open neck blazer. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the listing. So cheap! But is it any good? 
Well, I had to be disappointed because it was my least favorite item from the package I got. The blazer is more like a shirt, thin and without a real shape. But it does look pretty much like the pictures, so it was just me assuming that it would be made of a thicker material, which it is not. It's thin and doesn't hold the shape well. Also, one of the side buttons on the sleeve fell off when I got it. It was a sad day! But I can still sew it right on, tho I am not excited about the idea. Having to fix a product I just got. Meh. It was about $6.30.

Overall it was a nice experience and I'm sure I'll be buying again from DressLink, but maybe more on the kid's part of the site. And accessories, those, yes!

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