Guest Post: Eye of the Beholder: Eye Care, Cosmetics, & Beauty Tips!

Mark Kirkpatric is a freelance journalist and writer and he made an infographic for CherryColors. It's all about Eye of the Beholder: Eye Care, Cosmetics, & Beauty Tips!

I find the infographic very informative and also pretty to look at and I'm welcoming you to come and check it for yourself.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Beautiful! 

Fact: gorgeous eyes are healthy eyes. If you don’t look after your eyes, they won’t look their best, even with all the makeup in the world. In fact, makeup is one of the things that can be harmful to your eyes if you don't apply it safely. Here are makeup and skincare tips to keep your eyes sparkly and beautiful.

Avoid Eye Liner on the Water Line

The water line is that part of your lower lid that's fleshy and closest to the eyeball. Although sometimes people wear liner on this strip of skin, it's not a good idea because any bacteria on the eyeliner will be directly in contact with your eye, which can cause infections.

Throw Out Expired Products

They might still look good to use, but if your eye makeup products have expired it's safest to bin them. This is because your favorite eyeshadow compact or tube of mascara could be harvesting bacteria that you really don’t want anywhere near your eyes as they can cause infections and pink eye.

Prevent Eye Injuries 

It's scary how easy it is to hurt your eyes unintentionally when applying makeup. Avoid doing your eye makeup in a rush as this can lead to injuries. An example is when applying mascara. Swiping your eye with a mascara wand is painful and can scratch your cornea. Don’t ever do your makeup when driving as a jerk or sudden stop can cause you to hurt your eyes or scratch the delicate skin on your eyelids.

Wash It Off!

Clean makeup brushes and eyelash curlers regularly to prevent dirt and bacteria from getting spread all over your eyes and eyelids. To do this, use a gentle product like baby shampoo. And remember: wash your makeup off your face every day! This prevents makeup from clogging your pores and irritating your eyes. You should test makeup removal products before using them on the delicate skin around your eyes as you don’t want any irritations to occur. Try them on the back of your neck to see if your skin has any reactions before using them on your eyes.

Block Out the Sun

The skin around your eyes is very delicate and needs care so that it won't become damaged or wrinkled. Always protect your eyes from the sun to block UV rays that can cause pigmentation, premature skin aging, and eye conditions such as macular degeneration and cataracts. To do this, wear sunglasses every time you're outdoors so your eyes look and are healthy.

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