My Hoin Ni - Caviar Extract sheet mask

One not so sunny day, I was in a splurging mode in our local Muller (drugstore). I saw these sheet masks a while ago but I never purchased them since I wasn't sure why would I risk paying 3€ for one if I can get better (well known?) masks for a similar price point online?

Well, here's what I think.

The brand is hard to spell and even harder to pronounce "My Hoin Ni" so we all know them as "those sheet masks from Muller". 

I later did some Google-fu and thought I found the brand of the masks. You know, the design is the same, the logo pretty much the same. I am talking about The Scheming brand. They are well known for their sheet masks and have been for more than a decade. They were unknown to me, but I was so happy when I thought these were the same brand.

BUT. Here's a big but. I got in contact with the Scheming and they told me these masks are not theirs. I was shocked. A knockoff brand being sold in our biggest drugstore?! 
BUT. Here's a big but. I got in contact with the Scheming and they told me these masks are not theirs. I was shocked. A knockoff brand being sold in our biggest drugstore?!

Okay, but let me tell you about the mask I got. 

You can find up to 6 different types of these masks in our local stores (Muller). But as I found out, you can get a couple more of them online. Since I was in a "feeling so precious" mood, I got the caviar mask. 

My Hoin Ni Caviar Extract Mask

Caviar extract masks are supposed to be whitening masks, but I don't really find the idea appealing - except if it removes PIH. But this mask is supposed to be great for skin hydration and this is actually the main reason why I used it when my skin was the driest - with skin flakes, itchy feeling and so on. 

Look this is the My Scheming mask - similar much?

from the site

The mask comes wrapped over this plastic film which is shaped like a mask. Because of this, it's easier to spread it and apply it on your face.  Of course, I didn't know exactly how to use it....

One thing I noticed is that the bag is full of essence and I was feeling really wasteful throwing the remaining essence away. I saw that some people put it in a container and use it up later as part of their regime. 

Isn't it pretty? So easy to see how the mask looks like with this plastic thingy...  
But since I didn't know how to use it and thought that hey, it must be so much easier to apply it on with the film on, I did exactly that. See? Take a moment and giggle with me ;). 

Okay, okay. I removed it a couple of minutes ago when I realized that this probably isn't the right way to wear it. :P 

None. I loved this because these masks are pretty close to my nostrils and anything that is too scented just doesn't work with me as it makes me feel sick ... 

Feeling after?
I left the mask on for 20 minutes and later patted the remaining essence into my skin. My skin was feeling well moisturized and happy. Wonderful! The effect lasted only until next morning. The dry patches have disappeared and my skin was smooth and soft. 

+ It left my skin super hydrated
+ no scent
+ has lots of essence in the bag, you could re-use it
+ great for dry skin

- the price in our drugstore (3€)
- possibly knockoff design and logo from My Scheming?

I did enjoy the mask very much, but I am not willing to use a knockoff (should I rather use the word ripoff?)  brand of a better-known brand that specializes in sheet masks. I'd prefer using the original one. 
I found out that this must be a Hungarian brand (check here), but I still don't understand why the ripping off of the Scheming brand?  If anyone knows anything more, do let me know. 


  1. Pri teh maskah sem se že velikokrat ustavila, ampak zaradi cene nisem nikoli tvegala. No, hvala za oceno, vidim da sem kar prav naredila, ko se nisem odločila za nakup. :)

    1. Več ko berem, bolj sem v dvomih glede proizvajalca. Bu, ne morem nič reči, sicer je bila maska odlična :).

  2. Z Maestro sva jih kupili pred kakim letom. Na meni je efekt UAU. Že eno leto so moja stalnica, ko hočem hidrirano kožo. :D

    1. Ja, efekt je res UAU. :D Moreš še polžka sprobat, veš? :D Potem bo stalno UAU efekt :P

  3. Mislim, da je tu bolj fora, da je isti proizvajalec, ki ti dve podjetji oskrbuje z maskami, verjetno jih ne delajo sami. Mogoče je to. :) Drugače sem pa tudi jaz že kupila par teh in so mi bile fajn samo malo čuden občutek za prvič, fant se me je res ustrašil, ko me je zagledal. :D Cena je pa meni čisto ok. :)

    1. Ah, veš navajena sem na "bulk buy" maske in se mi zdi kar malo outrageous dati 3€ za masko v trgovini, ko pa lahko dam 15€ za 5 mask hahaha.. xD Isti šmorn, sej vem. Bi bila bolj vesela, če bi imeli večja pakiranja, kjer dobiš +1 masko za ceno. Pa bi bila happy as a bat :D.


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