NEW IN: January 2016

I decided to re-start a posting series in which I'll be talking about the new stuff (and short reviews) I got. Some will be reviewed in depth later on, but some won't. 

This month, I feel like I got enough stuff. Not a lot, but enough. Especially now, that I am in a de-cluttering process. I also asked from friends and family NOT to get me any gifts, to just give me donations for a new PC. Some did listen, some didn't ;).

And considering it's my birth month, I feel that the haul + gifts part was nice and moderate in size.
What do you think? 

Check what I got :)

The month started with an early birthday gift from my dear. I wanted to try the MSM (beauty mineral) and with it some Camu Camu. He did deliver and I got this small pack. Also, a sleeping mask, because it's cute ;). 
I did manage to use half a bottle of one of the Camu Camu's, but can't say if there are any effects since it's too soon. 

Next in line was some very much needed cleansing haul.
Since I liked the Nivea In-shower body lotion sample that my dear got me a while ago, I decided to get a full sized one. I later received the other version of it, from the Slovenian Nivea team (thank you!).
I also got a cleansing gel from Afrodita and the Micellar water from the same brand. 
I have a feeling that the gel is drying my skin out, but at the same time, I can't really say that I am completely sure, since I have used it only a couple of times. But it is a thing I'll keep my eye on. 

I also got some hair dye by Subrina. From their Vivid line. I saw it in store and thought "Damn, I want lavender hair". And  bought this one. It's a warm purple hair dye and for some reason, I thought that if I mixed it with hair conditioner it will work the same as those "crazy" hair dyes do. Well, no. It didn't. My hair just got a bit more straw like and smelled like hair dye. No color.  I have still a bunch of it left, so I am not sure what I am going to do with it. Maybe dye my hair ends. Who knows :).

I did, however, order some Lilac hair dye from Ebay. I got it in a couple of days (UK) and used it with a bunch of conditioners. After about two hours, I washed it off and my hair wasn't lilac, no. But all the yellow tone went out of my hair. Which is nice. :) I guess it will become more purple with multiple uses. Why exactly did I order this brand? It's thanks to Sara from Passing Fancy, she uses the same brand and her locks are amazing!

This weird contraption is a face massager. It's supposed to help make your chin more defined. I'm using it so you don't have to. And also, because I am way too lazy for a daily facial massage (by hand). This little thing seems to be working fine, but let's wait for the final verdict. 

Avon surprised me with the whole Cocoa butter line. I am a huge fan of Cocoa. You know, chocolate lover right here ;). I am already testing their hand cream and lip balm for which I can say that I do like. The hand cream even a bit more than the lip balm (which is quite thick and heavy). 

I did also receive a product I asked to review - the Facial Cleansing brush by Avon. It's lovely and pink. It's lovely mostly because it's pink and white. I mean, what's not to like here? Except that with the first use it ripped some off the small hairs next to my ear, off. Ughh! They got tangled in the rotator and off they went. I am still scared to use it... 

Then we have a huge lemming of mine that is finally here. A gift from my dear friends. It's the Lisa Eldridge Face Paint book. It's beautiful and I will treasure it dearly. 

I got some Golden Rose beauties from my sister, which means she got to pick the perfect shade of lipstick. Of course, it's a red with some pink undertone. Like so many of the lipsticks I love :D. But you know what? Now I have a nail polish that goes with it well. YAY! 

From Alessandro, I got a cuticle cream from the upcoming Valentine's collection. I mean, look at the small pot with the green sticker. How cute is it?!

I also got the small "test me" bag from L'Occitane, containing their new products (cleansing oil, cleanser, serum and cream, plus some testers). I managed to pick their BB cream that is being discontinued (but I liked it when I tried it back in April) and the Repair Shampoo
I had a bunch of coupons to get the best deal of the products (25% off the shampoo, 50% + 15% off the BB cream and 15% off the whole purchase). 

This was a gift from the Dominur team which brings Catrice and Essence to our market. It was a really lovely surprise. A lipstick and a matte nail polish. I don't have either of them, hooray! Also a very funky looking salt and pepper containers. To remind me of my "rough past", haha. 

And for some odd reason, I received the samples of the new Nivea hair line (Shampoo and conditioner). I found it funny because, well.  I never received "just" samples from a company I worked with. Haha, anyway it was a nice surprise ;). 

Is there any product that you are curious to read more about? If so, let me know in the comments.

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