Would You Rather? (Christmas Edition Tag)

I found this tag on Ajda's blog, and since it looked fun I decided to give it a go. 

 Coal for makeup or pine needles for hair.
Coal for makeup. It sounds.. useable and do-able. Probably black teeth, black eyeliner and I'm on a roll, old school Geisha ;)!

 Nose like Rudolph or ears like an elf.
Ears like elves. I love those and I wish I could have them in real life. So delicate. And pointy. And I'm sure ear piercings would look amazing with them ;D.

 Meet the ghosts of Christmas past or the ghost of Christmas future. 
Future. So I can be a better person?

 Give or only receive presents for the rest of your life. 
Ohhh, I love both! BOTH! So this is a hard one. I know how tired I get if I am receiving gifts daily / very regularly, so I'd say giving. It's such a joy seeing someone happy because your gift was spot on. 

Eat turkey without gravy or sprouts every day for the rest of your life.
Sprouts! Hello, they are delicious and can be made in so many things. Sprouts puree', nom nom.

 Carrot-like nose or the breath like the Grinch.
Hmm.. Ew. I guess the breath one. I'd go visit several dentists tho... <.<

 Declare love for your boss at the Xmas party or receive the most embarrassing secret Santa gift.
Embarrassing Secret Santa gift. Sounds hilarious. I hope it's a vibrator, haha. Bzzzzzz!

 Be allowed no decorations or have to have them up all year round.
Have them up all year round! Christmas spirit all the way!

 Sneeze egg nog or fart mistletoe.
Ew... Ew... Ew. Both are disgusting. It would be so painful to fart a mistletoe?! Sneeze Egg nog.. hm, I guess it would be similar to the stuff that normally gets out of your nose when sick..  So, um. The Eggnog thing. Ew. 

 Wear elf shoes for a year or have Santa's beard. 
Uh.. Elf shoes. I don't need a beard.. <.< But if I was a guy, then bring it on!! Hipster beards are in this year ;).

Let me know if you do this tag, so I can read it. ;)

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