No need for new polishes to spice your manicure

We all think that we need new polishes to get more out of our manicures. Or you know, you just love nail polish so much, that buying always new bottles of it, is just something you do. 

But I found a trick (checking facebook, so I can't find the video anymore), that will help me spice up all my manicures, whenever I'll feel like it.

What am I talking about?

Well, it's simple. I'm talking about eyeshadows. YES, you read that correctly. Eyeshadows.

Here's what I did with my manicure:

You can see that I started with a nice taupe nude (Essence 168 Love me, cupcake!). 
Then I took some of my mineral eyeshadows, put them in a tin pan (or you can use some aluminium foil or whatever really), took a brush I normally use for gels and tapped the shadows on a wet top coat. The brush didn't come out sticky at all because the shadows stuck to the sticky surface. No mess practically. I finished it all with a nice layer of top coat and done. 

See, it's really simple. 

I do like the result, but next time I'll try it over a white base.

Will you try it?

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