Christmas / New Year's Eve Dresses Wishlist

Finding the perfect Christmas or even a New Year's eve dress can be really hard. That's why I looked around the PROM Dress OK's website and found a couple of ideas for my readers. 
These dresses vary from shiny spectacular to glamorous and even to nice simple dresses. 
So take a look if you're looking for a nice dress to wear on the Christmas or New Year's eve party. 

This one is a classy red dress that will float 
whenever you will go. It looks gorgeous and it's
perfect for indoor parties. 

A dress that could take you down the runway platform or to your most glamorous party ever. Enjoy the grace it brings with it. 

Another beautiful red dress that has
 an open back part. Again, perfect for indoor
 parties or if you aren't a freezing type of a gal.

A dress that can be dressed up or down, according to the occasion. I like the simple look and it looks like you won't be too cold (except for your back). It looks classy and comfy at the same time which is rare. 

Need to shine on the Christmas Eve? 
This dress will surely steal looks and make
you the center of attention. It's beautiful!

Maybe you could even use it when cosplaying as Jessica Rabbit, it's so sparkly and red. I love it the most from the Christmas selection of dresses, but truth to be said, I am a sucker for everything sparkling and nice ;).

Looking for something simpler, 
but still appropriate for a nice evening event?

A dress that could probably be worn on more than just one occasion. It's simple, classy and comes in many different colors.
I liked the gray one, but red seemed more appropriate for a Christmas wishlist. I know that if I had it, it would   

I would totally wear this if I was feeling in the mood of
 "femme fatale". It has the right amount of mysterious and
 sexy to it. 

A dress that reveals everything you have or may not have ;). It's only for the bravest or the ladies who want to show off everything that they have. Or maybe combine it with high waisted undies and a lovely bra and be in trend. :)

Another beautiful black dress with a bit 
of a twist on the backside. 
The back is open so it looks even more interesting.
Of course, it's for indoor parties only. 

I picked this dress because I have a lot of readers who love the color black and black dresses in general. I found it interesting, especially since it gives a  "Morticia" kind of vibe. 

This one has to be my favorite of them all. 
I would feel like a mermaid wearing this. 
So shiny, so sparkly, so perfect!! Pure love!

Maybe it would be great even for a wedding dress. I would totally marry in such a dress. So much sparkle! I can't stop looking at it ;). 

I wouldn't mind finding this dress under my Christmass tree... 

Don't care about long evening
 dresses but still want to shine?
 Then this dress is perfect for you! 
The combo of silver and gold 
on a nude dress looks divine. 

I'm not a huge fan of short evening dresses, mostly because I'm too old for them, or to be exact I feel too old for them, but once in a while it feels great wearing a mini dress, especially if you have all the right curves ;). 

These were my dresses picks, but which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments.

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