Preview: FALLosophy by Catrice

I wanted to show you how beautiful the upcoming collection by Catrice is. It's truly amazing and contains many colors that I love. Dark reds and violets. I can already feel the fall coming and bringing a change in scenery.  I made a little collage from the PR photos for easier viewing. 

FALLosophy by CATRICE will be available in stores from mid-September to mid
November 2015

Imaginative Objectivity. Artistic romance meets minimalistic straightforwardness. The fall collections are a stylish mix. New interpretations of classics such as sophisticated capes create a modern “Little Red Riding Hood” look, while beautiful gowns with floral embroidery and flowing fabrics in midi and maxi length draw lots of attention. Muted brown and green, as well as bold berry shades, welcome the new season while soft rosé is reminiscent of the summer and sets feminine highlights. Inspired by the international fashion shows, the Limited Edition “FALLosophy” by CATRICE embraces the autumn trends and offers matching beauty must-haves with graceful leaf artwork conveying the atmosphere of a fall forest from mid September to mid November 2015. The matt powder eyeshadows with their gorgeous embossment, the Gradation Powder Blush with an attractive color gradient as well as the high-quality Soft Lip Colour lipsticks stand out in particular. Adorable autumn – by CATRICE.
FALLosophy by CATRICE – Nail Lacquer
Shades of the Season. Five limited trend colours – grey-green, mauve, blackberry,
purple and an extremely subtle light rosé – welcome the autumn. The possibilities
are endless: while three of the polishes offer the nails a light pearl effect, the
remaining colour versions have a plain finish. The entire range convinces with an
extra-broad reservoir brush and a beautiful leaf design on the lid. Available in C01
Mystic Moss, C02 Mauving Leaves, C03 Berrytale, C04 Fabulous Fox-ia and C05
Morning Dew.

FALLosophy by CATRICE – Soft Lip Colour
Berry Passion. A light shine and gentle colour – the Soft Lip Colours ensure a well-groomed
appearance. Three fashionable berry shades are sure to appeal to your
sense of femininity and offer the right shade for all colour types. The soft texture
pampers the delicate lip area and turns the limited lipsticks into beloved beauty
companions. Available in C01 Fabulous Fox-ia, C02 Rustic Rose and C03 Little Red
Riding Hood. 

FALLosophy by CATRICE – Matt Eye Shadow
Autumn Leaves. The highly pigmented powder eyeshadows stay put on the eyelid
and create an expressive eye make-up look with a matt finish. Thanks to the silky
texture, the Matt Eye Shadows are easy to apply and last all day. There is a choice
of three trendy autumn colours – dark green, mauve and purple – with an artistic leaf
embossment and a longlasting finish. Available in C01 Robin Wood,
C02 Mauving Leaves and C03 Berrytale. 

FALLosophy by CATRICE – Eye Shadow Brush
Art of Painting. Powder eyeshadows are easy to apply and blend with the professional
Eye Shadow Brush. The high-quality soft bristles allow smooth transitions and are
therefore ideal for creating gorgeous colour gradients and smokey eyes effects.
Hygienically packaged in a transparent zipper pouch. 

FALLosophy by CATRICE – Gradation Powder Blush
Colour Poetry. A Gradation Powder Blush with a powdery finish for wonderfully silky
colour accents on the cheeks. The colour gradation – ranging from soft pink to bold
fuchsia - as well as the stylish packaging with the contours and veins of a maple leaf
turn this pressed blush into an absolute eye-catcher.
Available in C01 Fading into Dawn. 

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