NOTD: Stargazer Manicure


Today I'm still not my best, but I do want to share something on my blog with you all. A manicure. These have become a rare kind on my blog, these days. 

I was preparing for a "blue Monday" on Sunday and went with a blue themed manicure. I picked up Stargazer Uv nail polish in 105 (no name, seriously it's just a number) and topped it on the accent finger with China Glaze "Dorothy Who?"

The first thing I noticed with the Stargazer is the scent. OMG! It stinks so much. I should've been doing my manicures in the open, not inside. It stinks so damn much! It probably isn't 3-free, too.
But on the positive side, it dried incredibly fast. Like super fast. 
Today is day 4 and my nails are still chip free. Yay!


  1. It looks beautiful. Sorry it smells. I've never heard of that.

    1. Thank you! The smell is quite off putting, but the color is superb!

  2. Če smrdi potem verjetno ni 3-free, kar je res škoda :/


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