H&M Carries cosmetics?! (and what I got)


Last week we went shopping to Italy, Monte D'Oro. We went to check H&M and even if I said I won't be buying any cosmetics, but rather focus on clothes, I couldn't skip the occasion when I saw many products marked down to 1€. 

I didn't know that H&M's cosmetic line was this big. I mean, in our country - Slovenia, I saw only nail polishes, an eyebrow kit and some small things here and there (a lip balm, sometimes glosses). Never this many products and never all in one place! 

I only got products that I would buy even if they weren't marked down, because I won't be purchasing stuff just because it's cheap. 

I didn't know they had brushes! And super soft and pretty brushes too! 
Nail polish duos looked pretty. I can't stop wearing the right combination. It's... so pretty and sparkling!
And a huge glass file. HUGE. Like 25 cm huge. Maybe a bit less, but still huge!

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The one product I also saw in Slovenia (Koper and Ljubljana) is this eyebrow set. I wasn't all that sure, because the lighter color looked a tad orangeish in the packaging. I may be kind of color blind, because in the swatches there is no orange undertone, but on me it doesn't look all that cool toned. I'd  say that in RL it has a slight warm undertone, so may not be best for very light headed (blonde, not dizzy!) girls. 

The one product I heard the most about and that wasn't available in my country are H&M's lipsticks. So because I had a chance, I grabbed four of them. I am a bit sad that I didn't get a red one, too, but then again, my collection is made from mostly red lipsticks! 
The packaging is "meh" looking, but it does make finding the right color very easily. However because of the white packaging/silver font it looks a bit tacky. But to each their own, and some people may love such a design. I do however like the silver font on black packaging. The lipstick bullet isn't all that light and is leaning on the heavier side. Each lipstick contains 4.5g of product.
 The formula is fine in most lipsticks, except for the nude matte. There it's grainy and quite drying, it reminds me of those correctors in a similar packaging.  
From all four, the matte ones stayed on the longest. Even water didn't remove them, but with a bit of soap and vigorous scrubbing, off they went. Except for the violet, that one left a stain that didn't really want to leave. 



The blush was more of a purchase on a whim, because well... 1€ blush, yeah? And the color is something that I would wear every day. I had similar shades in the past, but the first one that I remember is a blush from Bourjois.

And lastly are the nail polish duos that I've been loving so much. The one I am currently wearing is the light pink/rose gold glitter. The light pink is very similar to Essie Fiji, but it needs 2-3 layers for full opacity and the drying time is on the slower end because of that. 
 However the silver polish is opaque in 1 layer and is wonderful (ring finger). Drying time is very quick and it looks nice with the silver glitter. 

I am very pleased with H&M cosmetics line and I hope they bring some of the best products over to Slovenia. 

Did you try any of their cosmetic products?

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