How do I store my mineral eyeshadows?


I am currently a mess, trying to get back in shape (because I was sick for 2 weeks and it totally f-ed my biorhythm and my cardio levels), and while I do so, excuse the lack of posts.
I started working at a new place (we'll see how it goes) and am juggling between keeping a blog, a job, my family and free time. 

So, it's not an easy task, but once I get back to my full strength, I will be more awesome than ever. Right? :P

So, I totally want to show you all how what a mess was my Mineral eyeshadows storage before and after some brainstorming on how to store them.
The trick was a small one, but a very effective one. 

This was before, eyeshadows everywhere, taking way too much storage...

And after some brainstorming... (I know, it seems stupid easy now, lol).

Close up of one little drawer. 

I am happy with how I now store things, but since I got a bunch of other shadows in the meantime, I had to use the smaller drawers too. If anyone is curious - I have 78 mineral eyeshadows. And most of them are Fyrinnae :D. I totally counted them, because I am on a makeup rehab - I have way too much make up and I need to use it all up, before I buy something new. Also because of finances.

Okay, off I go, find some pictures for another post ;). Please let me know, how you store your makeup?

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