Empties #11


I am still a bit of sick and hopefully I will be great by Monday. I also realized I haven't posted anything in ages and since I had these empties pictures on IG, I thought I'd also share an in-depth post about them.

I do however apologize for the Instagram pictures. I didn't think about taking those with my camera, for some odd reason.

Also, beware, this post is long and picture heavy..  :)

L'OREAL MAT' Magique
After a couple of years of staying away from L'oreal (but honestly, they have so many other brands, who knew?), I craved and bought the Manga girl mascara and with it, this foundation came. It is silicone based and for some reason, it gave me acne. I usually don't get acne for silicone based cosmetics, so this was a new thing for me. And I loathed the feeling of applying it. Like it would slip off in a minute or two. I didn't like it and it made my skin look even worse. 
Repurchase? Hell no!

CATRICE All Matt Plus foundation
This was a long time my staple foundation. Did its job well, but it did make dry patches worse. 
Nonetheless, I loved it! Until I discovered the Catrice Nude Illusion foundation. 
I will definitely repurchase this one, but for Summer months.

CATRICE blush in Think Pink
It's not really empty, but it does smell atrocious. So I had to toss it. When I bought it, I didn't smell it and when I got home it already had that bad scent of old makeup. I didn't care, I *wanted* to use it, so I did. Until I became too strong and off it went. 
The color is lovely, pigmentation is great (but not too overpowering) and I like the package. Sadly the letters get off way too easily, but nothing too bad.
Repurchase? YES!

Essence 24h eyeliner
This eyeliner is easy to apply and is pretty black. But it doesn't last on me. At all.
Oh, you sneezed a bit? No more eyeliner in the outer corners of your eyes. Oh, went to pee? Nope, no more eyeliner.. ;P Even if it was cheap, I don't see buying this again. 
Repurchase? No

KIKO Kajal pencil in white
I had great hopes for this white pencil. I thought I could use it on my waterline, you see. 
But the sad truth is that it got hard, really quick (which is pretty bad for an eye pencil, haha) and I managed to hurt my eye a bunch of times before giving up.
Tho on my skin it worked just fine, was pigmented enough when I acted like I didn't notice it was trying to drag my skin off.
Repurchase? Nope

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ELMEX Kids toothpaste
We got this sample at the doctor's office because they thought we are one of the people that don't support using Fluoride in our toothpaste. And they were definitely right :P.
But we did use it and it was OK, I guess. I repurchased a bigger tube, but I let the kid use it about 1x weekly and other times he uses one without any Fluoride. 
Repurchase? Meh, I don't really know.

COLOR CLUB top coat
It promised a speedy dry but didn't deliver. It also got thick pretty quickly, so...  
Oh right, it was pretty pricey (10€?) and for that money I prefer Essie Good to Go.
Repurchase? No.

ESSENCE All about matt!
A fixing compact powder that does it's job well. I liked the other packaging (with loose powder) better, but they changed it anyhow. 
The sad thing is, that it gets used pretty quickly. Like a month or two quickly. 
It does help with my oily T-zone, but I have to re-apply it after a couple of hours. 
Which reminds I heard great stuff about the Bourjois one, need to try it once I ran out of the repurchased one.
Repurchase? Already have. 

L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara
You can find a review here.
Repurchase? No.

Carmex lip balm in a pot
I heard great stuff before I managed to get my own pot of this stuff. 
I like the tingling effect on lips and that it really manages to save the most chapped lips of them all.
I even like the pot packaging, because let's be real, I love sticking my finger where I shouldn't!
Repurchase? YES!

AVEO acetone nail polish remover
It smells bad, but it has acetone in it and it makes gels and acrylics removal easier. 
It, of course, is a bit drying on the nail (acetone), but nothing some cream can't fix.
Repurchase? Yes, it's very affordable.

ALVERDE Baby wind cream
I didn't realize it was the wind (face/body) cream and used it as a nappy cream ._.
Luckily there were no bad reactions and it did well as such. Also, the packaging is cute!
Repurchase? Yes

BALEA Bodylotion - pistachio
I must confess, this is a first body lotion in ages, that I managed to use up!
I made sure to use it whenever I showered and I covered myself fully in it. I smelled like some amazing ice cream. YUM!
It did make my skin smoother and it was very affordable. 
Repurchase? Yes, in a different scent.

BALEA lip balm - almond
In the feeling of the moment, I got this lip balm from DM. I usually buy their Alverde lip balms, but I wanted to try something new (because I was angry they marked their price up on my staple lip balm).
It did it's job well, even if it was a bit light on the lips, but the scent was fantastic - almond!
Repurchase? Maybe

ALVERDE 5in1 toothpaste sample
A little spicy bomb with fluoride. I don't really know why I purchased this one, but it was a bit too spicy for me in an unorthodox way. Weird, but it did clean well.
Although I will not repurchase it, because of the fluoride in it. 

ESSENCE Gel nails at home cleanser
This product is a staple in my gel manicures. I love it and use it dearly.
But now that Essence has decided it has to go I am a bit sad :/. I repurchased two replacements, but when they are gone, they are gone for good. It was great because it was affordable and you could get it in drugstores. 
Repurchase? Discontinued

Essence Gel nails at home hand cream
My absolutely favorite hand cream from essence! Rich, creamy and has a nice scent.
Great for cold days when nothing seemed to cut it. LOVE IT!
Repurchase? Discontinued

VADEMECUM Junior Toothpaste
Since we ventured in the world of fluoride toothpaste, I decided to grab a flavored one.
Of course, I tried it, multiple times, but realized it was a bad decision. The taste was amazing. I am not sure if you guys recall those green apple orbit chewing gums? The ones that tasted amazing, but lost its flavor after 3 seconds? Well, this paste has the same taste, except it doesn't go away. 
I had to stop using it, or I'd overdose on fluoride pretty quickly.
Repurchase? No, no no. no Bueno.

BALEA Make up remover
Once I realized it doesn't burn my eyes or any other part of my face, it became my staple. 
Very cheap, effective and doesn't smell. I am not sure about the claim that it's for "contact lenses users", because oil + contact lenses = you're going to have a very bad time. 
So whenever I clean my MU, I just take my lenses out first.
Repurchase? Yes!

ESSENCE Gel nails at home hand cream
I wrote about it, a picture or two up, so I will not repeat myself.

HAIR CULTURE conditioner
This is a conditioner that comes with Hofer hair dye. I didn't use it when I did dye my hair, but I used it later. For shaving purposes and when I realized it's actually good, for my hair. 
The scent is very peach like - which I am a huge fan of and I like it. I am not sure if it's available in separate packaging (from the dye)? I'd love to have it! 
Repurchase? If I find it separate from the dye, yes!

SUNDANCE Sun creams SPF 30 - tinted
I like the packaging of these sunscreen creams. I was excited to find it had some pigment in it (as a foundation) and used it religiously. It was great during the warmer months when I put some color which I didn't even realize I had. It matched my skin tone nicely. I think :P
But come the colder months and it looked off on me. But it is still a great product that I will repurchase in the non-colored version. 
Repurchase? Yes!

ORAL-B floss
Well, flossing is essential to our teeth health, so I floss and I floss at least once per day. Sometimes more.
I purchased this floss because I couldn't get to a drugstore where my regular floss is sold. It worked fine, didn't break during flossing, but it was a tad too thin.
Overall a good product, but I want it thicker!
Repurchase? Maybe

HIMALAYA Mint Fresh toothpaste
Damn, that's a lot of toothpaste, right? I mean in this post.
A fresh toothpaste that has no fluoride and thus gets extra points with me. Just like that.
I found it a bit salty, but overall fine. Damn, I miss my sarakan toothpaste.Anyone knows where I can still get it? :(
Repurchase? Yes, probably. 

DEPEND GelLack top coat
I always use this top coat and base coat from Depend. Because it's affordable and it works fine. Also I like these tiny bottles, but sometimes it's a love-hate relationship going on. 
I used two bottles in a short span but managed to save a bit of one, by pouring it in a different bottle. Ehrm... irrelevant. I do like the top coat and I wish it would come in bigger bottles! It feels like I am being ripped off whenever I buy them (tnx god for sales!).
Repurchase? YES.

ESSENCE Express dry drops
Since I found out about these, I can't live without them. Before I really hated the drying time of Essence nail polishes. But now no. The nail polish dries 2x quicker and I am a happy panda. 
P.S. they are definitely a cheaper alternative to some "higher end" brands.
I will repurchase this as long as they make it!

I was using it with Cheeky wipes system.
Can't really say anything bad about it, because I couldn't care less? <.<

ESSENCE Sun Club bronzer
Yay! I got this huge bronzer, that I don't know what to do with. I mean, I DO use it for contour sometimes, but other than that.. hm, no. I had it for so long that it started smelling bad, but I still think it's a nice purchase. Except.. Essence, please make it smaller? ._.
Repurchase? Got a new one, as a gift!

NENEDENT kid toothpaste
A fluoride free toothpaste that tasted a bit, bleh. The kid didn't mind it, but I stayed clear of it.
I can't remember if it was cheap or not, but.. I don't think I will be repurchasing it

ORAL-B floss
Hm, again..   I wrote about it in a picture or two before. Funny how I keep repurchasing these even if I am not the biggest fan? Oh right, it's the only damn floss our store had!

Okay, I had this mask for a *very* long time. I liked the packaging and I got it 50% off with a coupon.
But I didn't use it as much as I'd like it to because the packaging is messy. 
You have to unscrew the cap, take the other cap off and then dip your fingers in. As much as I like dipping my fingers in stuff, this just didn't do it for me. After I applied the mask my hands were all eww, and it got to the packaging. And I am not even sure if I noticed any difference in my hair?! 
Also, without the coupon this stuff is expensive. I prefer paying for salon-grade stuff, than this.
Repurchase? NO.

GARNIER Invisible deodorant
Ahem, okay it's not invisible. And I am not sure when will I learn that regular deodorants give me pit acne. Painful acne. ._. But it smells so good and it lasts through the day. 
Repurchase? Meh, probably. 

And the final two! :)

BLISTEX Daily lip conditioner
I bought it when I was searching for Carmex. You know.. this product wants to be like Carmex, but it fails. The tingling is less noticeable and it freaking stinks. Of olive oil and something fatter. EW!
I did use it up because I hate throwing stuff away (if still full of product) and let's be real, it's not that bad. If I never tried Carmex before, I'd thought this was a fine product.
Repurchase? Nope.

ALVERDE Macadamia body butter - sample
I had this product before, years ago. I liked it back then, but I felt that the big version is too big, that it would go to waste.
Well, I think they did something with the formula, so it's not as heavy as it was and it feels great on the skin. I used it in 4 uses and loved each of them.
Maybe, just maybe I am ready for the full size? Hm, who knows?
Repurchase? YES, please!

Whewww...  you have come to the end of this post. Congratulations! I am sure there are many spelling errors, so please do let me know if something sticks to your eye. 
Now I am off to bed, so I can get well soon!

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