NOTD: Black claws


I was feeling very uninspired when it comes to blogging, but hopefully a short hiatus will fix this for me.
The last few weeks have been very very stressful for me and my family. 

But here is a manicure I did using Essence gel polishes, a french nude and over it the amazing Wet'n Wild black creme and a shimmery black from an Essence TE. Also the studs from Born Pretty Store

The sad part was that at the time I didn't have any builder gel and since this one didn't have any glitter chunks in it, it was soft. The extensions bended like mad! I was sad, because I loved this lenght and shape. 

Here is it a before and after extensions (using those paper stickers). I had short bitten nails and the finished look was really pretty. Except soft. I need to get a nude builder gel. 
But for a second attempt at extensions using gel, I was happy! 

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