Night time skincare routine


Last time I walked you through my day skincare routine, and today it's the time for the night part. 
The sad part is that this routine (and the day one too) isn't actual anymore (Except for the OST serum). I ran out of everything and I want to try some new items. 

I first start my routine by cleansing my fave with Alverde Clear Wash Cream. It is a gentle cleansing cream that doesn't dry my skin out. I had some huge problems because the foam clensers dehydrated my skin. This cleanser is very mild and helps me clean the day stuff off my face. 
At first I wasn't sure if it does its job well (or at all, haha), but after using a toner over I saw that indeed it does cleanse.  (< 3€)

The next step is a bit tricky. I use O.S.T. Vitamin C serum on my washed face. I keep it the fridge in a special drawer for it (fancy, eh?). When first applied it stings sometimes (if I have small cuts of irritated parts from the scrubbing?), but settles down after a couple of minutes. I try to wait for 20 minutes before my next step. Sometimes I am very impatient and I just rush to it. I noticed that it does help with my PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation - happens if you don't leave the acne alone, haha). The downside (or upside, because now I will be pretty for looonger... you know sunscreen) is that I must use a sunscreen next morning. Vitamin C can thin the skin and UV rays could damage it even more than without it... so sunscreen.  (~$18)

The next step is my beloved Mizon snail repair cream. I wrote about it last time, but now that I have used a whole packaging of it, I can tell you more. It has no scent. It bothered me at first because I couldn't get the image of applying snails on my face, out. It was disturbing. But it glides on just like snail would (I guess?) and leaves my skin super smooth and nice. I am not sure if it's to blame for some minor acne or if it was hormonal. We'll see now that I stopped using it (ran out of it). A tiny bit goes a long way and I hope I will repurchase it in the future. (~$18)

The last step is the Bio-RTx Mentor Cream #7. It has a strong green tea scent (if you know how L'occitane green tea perfume in a pot smells, well.. that's it) which vanishes from the skin in a couple of minutes. The cream is rich and hydrating and it doesn't break me out. Sadly I managed to use it up in less than two months. I think I overdid it, because a tiny dab went a long way.
If I looked it up correctly it is quite expensive at $43. God the price.

Next in line is the Alverde Wildrose oil. It is a Godsend. Seriously. In just a month I ran out of it. And look at it, how cute is the packaging? Damn cute, that's how cute it is.  I don't always use it, but if I need a little bit of extra moisture I use this. Just a drop and I am done. I also use it for my cuticles (it contains jojoba oil which is the shizz for the nails!). The scent is a strong rose scent, a scent that many natural products with rose have. Also, the price is great (3.65€)

After this step I just try to leave my face alone. I am always touching my face and sometimes I can't even catch myself. I know it is bad, but now that my skin isn't dehydrated anymore it looks so much better.

What products do you use for your night routine?

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