New in: April 2014

Hello everyone!

Another month rolled by, and it is time for a new in blogpost. We all love to read such posts and I had a bunch of fun taking these pictures and writing these lines. 
I thought I didn't buy that much this month, but the pictures don't lie. I did get a lot of sponsored products, but I didn't realise how much new stuff I got!

I almost published this post with just two photos, because I completely forgot that I did get some other goodies in the mail! 

So, what did I get?

O.S.T Vitamin C20 Serum

It's practically a vitamin C serum. Helps with acne scarring or hyperpigmentation. It is good and it works. You need to use it at night and during the day you must use a sunscreen, since it may thin the skin (thus making it more prone for sunburn and sun damage). It is best applied on bare skin right after cleansing and left alone for 15 minutes, before applying your regular cream over. So, no toner is needed before. (about $18) 

Memebox #7

I wrote about it here; it was my very first experience ordering a beauty box of any sort.

2 Kiko polishes & 2 Essie polishes

I was asked to go and buy a couple of Kiko polishes from the new Cupcakes edition for a co-blogger, so I did. I grabbed two polishes for myself, but just two since one was almost 5€! 
Both of them are divine, and I grew to love the textured feeling on my nails. I got Kiko Lilla (Lilac) and Kiko Pesca (Peach)

The Essies were on a BOGO offer; this is buy one, get one free. It's incredible how just a couple of years ago, I never heard of such actions in my country. And now they are! I am very happy! I got Essie Fiji, which has been on my WL for a very long time and Essie Twin Sweater set which I picked from the Winter LE. Essies are pretty expensive here, 10€/polish

Frosch hand soap

 It's cute, it's meant for kids and it has no scent. I like the packaging and that's pretty much it. I am sure the kid will love it once he sees it. (2,60€)

Essence gel nails at home Effect gel top coat

You know if you get the chance to buy this product.. skip it. I mean it. It's just a gel top coat with glitter, which you have to fetch yourself out. Because it doesn't collaborate. At all. (3,60€)

Catrice Iridescent topper

I got it because everyone was raving about it. Every single blogger that got their hands on it. It is lovely, yes. It looks fantastic applied on the skin and I am sure it will be my daily used product. (4,70€)

Ebelin nail polish remover with Acetone

I bought it because I wanted something to remove the gellack residue if nothing else worked. That's until I can get my hands on a bottle off acetone from the OBI store. (80c)

Depend Gellack Remover

Because I will need to remove the gel manicures somehow, right?  (2,60€)

Depend Gellack in Neon Pink & Depend Gellack Base

I wanted to grab the top coat too, but they didn't have it anymore. So for now I will use the Essence one with them. Picking through all the colors was a seriously disturbing task, since everything was mixed together. Nightmare! But this pink is a wonderful neon color, perfect for Summer. (7€ x2)

I got this fantastic little present from Lič - the Easter bunny got them for me ;).
I got Revolution Lip polish, Revolution lipstick, Revolution Bronzer and a Revolution Eyeshadow in Naive. 
I will talk more about them in a separate post. 

I also got a goodie bag from containing a nice cosmetics pack. It includes: A lovely mascara, red lipstick, a box of eyelashes (8 smaller boxes in it), eyeliner and eyelashes glue. 
I will also talk about these products in another separate post :).

What di you get this month? :)

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