Memebox #7

Hi dolls!

I was looking at these memeboxes for a while before I decided to buy one. And guess my luck, as soon as I ordered one there was a notice that they won't be shipping outside US, Canada and Japan. Which is too bad, since well.. those were quite some deals with these Memeboxes!

Anyway, they went a bit crazy since the first box and created so many boxes that they are now on nuber 12 of the regular global boxes and a bunch of other special boxes. Woot? When I first heard about them (about two months ago) they were only at the number 4!

So, the order process was fine and nothing special. I ordered, paid via paypal and then the waiting began..  The box was shipped on March 18th and I got it about 9 days later which is fantastic!

I was expecting something more from this box, but I am not disappointed. Sadly most of these items won't be used by me, since.. you know I don't need them - but they will end in one of my following giveaways.

Unboxing (click for a bigger picture)

It seems the whole box is worth $95? I paid $23 + $6 shipping. I think the prices are a bit inflated IMHO.

So, what I got?

Leaders Insolution BIO Medi-curing Mask - Aqua Dressing 
Two masks, and they seem pricy ($6 for two masks??). They are made with coconut jelly and I love coconut! I will give one of these away in a giveaway. I am curious about them.

Mise en Scène 2x Curl Essence (sample)
This is a leave-in hair treatment. I have enough of hair stuff, so again this will end in a giveaway. It is my first time hearing about this brand, too.

Recipe By Nature Slowganic Cleanse Sampler box
I really like the packaging of these samples. They look cute and funny. I will be uisng these and I hope they won't dry out my skin. Oddly enough only one sample had a plastic lid on.

Dr. G BIO-RTx Mentor Cream #7
Memebox sent three versions of these creams out. I got the #7 which is meant for damaged skin. I am not sure what does that exactly mean (scratched? dry? dehydrated??), but it seems interesting. I like the cute little box.

Catrin Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill SPF42 PA++ in Natural Beige
This is some interesting product. It's a brand I've never heard of, but it looks expensive. At least the price tag says so ($38). I hope it compares to my other powders. It feels like this box is more summer themed? Maybe because of this product? At first I thought it was a sunscreen because of the packaging.

at:fox Black Tea Makeup Designer Kit 
I was really excited to see a palette in this set. Well until I opened it. It contains three eye pencils, one lip pencil, a eyeliner and some nail stickers. The nail stickers are really cute, and I am curious about the lip pencil but it goes straight to my giveaway box.

Overally I am OK with what I got, even if I will be using like 3 products from the whole box. But I still feel like it was worth the price tag, just it's too bad that I can't get more of them. 

Did you get any of the current Memeboxes? How did you like them?


  1. Še nikoli nisem naročala teh boxov. Tvoj izgleda o.k., čeprav kot praviš gre večina zadev v giveaway ;)

  2. I got this box and I've been using everything in there. No duds so far! Why don't you try some of them, you might be surprised.

  3. Zgleda zanimivo. :) A mogoče veš če obstaja še katera druga firma teh boxov, ki dostavlja k nam? Sem gledala tele britanske enkrat, pa nobena ne dostavlja k nam. :/

  4. @Monika: kar sem sedaj gledala nič ne dostavlja do nas. Bom še malo pogledala, mogoče je celo ena znamka?

    @Joanne Mallon: Well, the truth is that I don't need many of these items, so I don't want to try them :).

    Biba: Zame je bilo to prvič :). OK izkušnja.


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