Makeup Revolution!


A while ago visited me the Easter bunny (aka Lič, thanks!) and got me a bunch of goodies. 
I found the time to write about them only now, you know.. I was a busy blogger ;P.

I got four goodies from the new makeup line on lič - a lipstick, lip velvet (satin lipstick - these are my fav!), a bronzer and a nude eyeshadow.

Today this will be just a short version of the reviews since I want to test some more two of my favorite products. I will talk about those two in detail later.

Makeup Revolution Lip Velvet - WHAT I BELIEVE

wonderful, creamy application - but you need to be careful and work quickly! If not the application goes on streaky and isn't all that pretty. I made the same mistake the first time I applied it :).
After a couple of seconds, it starts to feel dry and it will be tacky if touched for a bunch of minutes. In this time it is quite vulnerable, but after it is dry, it stays dry! 
It is extremely pigmented and I love this about it. It stays on for quite a long time (but it feels dry the whole time it stays on), except if you come in contact with something oily. Then it will start to scrub away and it will look ugly and also feel yucky.

Makeup Revolution lipstick- TWIST
A lovely red lipstick, you know - I am a fan of red lipsticks! It has a frost finish and it applies like a dream. It is creamy and hydrating (thus it doesn't last long), but it has such an intense color that it's hard to resist. The packaging is crap (the cap comes off really easily), but it does its job. The best part is probably the price - less than 2€ a pop!

Makeup Revolution bronzer - GOLDEN DAYS
I normally don't wear bronzers, except when I am feeling or extremely motivated (for a full face highlight/shadow thing) or extremely lazy (so I just swipe some bronzer on as an eyeshadow. The bronzers I try in the store are all too orange! Even the one I love is still a tiny bit orange. Heck, even this bronzer is a tiny bit orange, but it doesn't show on the skin! I think it is meant for us, pale girls
It looks almost non-existant when applied on skin, except for that little shadow (wink, wink). 

Makeup Revolution eyeshadow - NAIVE
A nude eyeshadow (it blends with my skin completely!) that I use mostly for blending. It was pretty hard taking a swatch of it, I thought it wouldn't show. Well thanks god for all those fine hairs on my arm, I think? 
It goes on smoothly, not cream smooth but smooth enough. It works well for blending, but for single wear, it is not for me. Vanishes somewhere between the 4th and 5th hour on me. Other than that it is super cheap - less than 2€! 

The products from this line may be a hit or miss, but once you find you HIT, you sure will stick to it ;).
You can get your own revolution, here. 

This product was sent to me by the company itself or its PR. For more information please do read my Disclosure Policy. My opinion is always honest.

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