Mom diary: 18 months old


It's another month and another Mom diary part. :) I was told that someone loves reading these (Hi Martina!).

Sometimes I think that mybe it's time to ditch this diary, but then again..  I will want to know what was going on when he'll be older. So, no the diary is here to stay!

This is the month he started repeating words. Not full words, but shorten versions or short words. Sometimes on his own way.
Like chocolate isn't latte or anything similar, nope. It's lagu. And is sort of yells it. It's so important, haha!
And whenever he says something, I need to think about what he said, because even if it's similar to our words, it's not the same. I feel like I am learning another language with him, haha. ;)
It is also very cute when he says something. Except that I am not mom anymore, but mamu...  ehm.. okay. It sounds hars and funny, baahah. But he says it only when he wants something from me (or sees me). He knows I am mom.

I think it's incredibly cute when he touches something and waits for me to tell him how it's named. Like bed. Or pillow. Or head. And he learns really quickly, because he truly wants to know.

Remember when I told you how he understands everything? Well now it is obvious he does it. If I tell something to my dear and the kid is close and he shouldn't know (like I bought some chocolate!), sure he'll know what I got and where it is ;). Also if I ask him to do something, he usually does it.

He enjoys helping around. Picking that up, vacuuming the other thing, putting stuff in the dish washer, washing machine or unlocking the doors (kind of).

If he can't reach it by feet, he'll grab the closest tiny chair and use it to help himself. Ohhh, he can't open the door by himself? No problem, he'll pick the chair and put it close to the door and ole' open it is!

It is also very obvious he isn't in the kindergarten - when we had a meeting with the gilrs and their minis (most of them born in the same month as he), he didn't know what to do with them. He was just looking and it took him an hour to start playing. But he is getting better ;).

We also have a friend who has a girl of similar age. She is very happy whenever she sees him and since she is a bit older she understands everything and also talks. When we asked her to take his hand and don't let go of it, she did it. And she dragged him whenever we went. It was damn adorable. If I'd take his hand and he wouldn't want to, he'd throw himself on the ground and scream ;P.

Oh, tantrums are quite a thing now. Luckily they aren't that many and nothing I couldn't handle.

This month has been such a joy, with him interacting more and more (talking)!

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