Empties #2


This is the second part of my new series called Empties. I will show you what products I've used up this month and what I think about them.

Oh what a good girl I was this month, using stuff up and so...  :P

Jonson's baby bubble bath - It's alright. Nothing special, but it does foam quite a bit. Also the kid drank lots of water with this stuff in and he's still alright. :)
Would repurchase? Probably
Essence PureSkin pore refining serum - This is one product that didn't work for me. It felt heavy on my skin, so heavy that I started sweating whenever I applied it (on my face). o.O And after a bit my skin felt dry.. so not a good combination at all.

Would repurchase? NO
Makeup Factory eye primer - This one is pricy but good. Does its job well and helps with blending. 

Would repurchase? YES, if I can't find anything better.
Flora spray corpo (anti mosquitos etc) - A great spray! It really helps with the mosquitoes and similar insects. It is pretty expensive if you use it regularly (about 20€/bottle) - I could use one up in a week! It has a strong tea tree scent, but it does its job really well.

Would repurchase? YES
Balea Aqua daily cream - I know I talked about this cream the last time, but I already finished another package of it. And sadly it doesn't help my skin anymore. After the use it feels dry.. and still needs something to give it a bit of oil or moisture. (I realised it's because of the foaming cleanser, it dried out my skin - a lot)

Would repurchase? For now, NO.
Essence stay all day cream eyeshadows - These are technically still full, but they dried :(. Which is quite a shame since they helped so much with other eyeshadows. And also stayed on my oily eyelids on their own for a full day! It is a waste that they dried so quickly tho.

Would repurchase? YES
SkinFood Apple sparkling toner (sample) & Apple sparking serum (sample) - I got these as testers and I didn't like them. I didn't feel like they made a difference when applied on my skin. The toner has a very alcoholic scent. Bleh! 

Would repurchase? NO
MAC pigment in Rose Gold (sample) - This is seriously some amazing eyeshadow. Flatters my eye color a lot and it applies like a dream. I sadly ran out of it.

Would repurchase? YES (if I could find it)

I still have a bunch of items waiting in my drawer full of used products.. but those were used up after taking this picture. So to the next month with the empties ;).

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