NEWS! Essence Gel nails at home preview


I am pretty sure you've allready seen the Essence & Catrice news around other blogs by now. If you haven't I can still post about them. =)

But what really got me excited is the news about the Essence gel at home  nails products. I am a huge (that's an understatement) fan of that kit and am really happy about the news. 

There will be a couple of new products, but I am really excited about the glitter gel toppers! That means 1 layer less (and less drying time) in my gel manicure!

essence gel nails at home cuticle pusher & gel nails at home gel corrector
To correct your manicure in the process of creation and to fix those damn cuticles :P

New lamp!
The old lamp goes out of the stores (so if you want one, get it before they take them out!) as the new one will be travel firendly. And small, tiny to be exact. It will charge via USB and it will be able to dry 1 nail at a time in 10 seconds. Neat, right?
(I'd really love to get this, you know for a quick fix of a gel manicure :P)

essence gel nails at home 3in1 nail oil
Perfect to finish off your gel manicure (because we all know how dry they can look after any manicure!)

The new products will be availible all around the world starting from February (and alter in the regular line).

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