Best products of 2013


The past year has been... exciting. Not as in I-traveled-the-world exciting, but more like look-at-my-kid-grow exciting.
It is a whole different level of excitement, but pleasant nonetheless.

I want to show you my favorite products, by categories. These were the ones I used the most and loved the heck out of them (and still do).

Face products

  • SkinFood Good Afternoon Peach Green tea BB cream - I used it daily for months and it does a good job at coverin my sometimes problematic skin. It is also quite a match for my skin tone! But I don't like the fact that I get shiny after a couple of hours. Dewy, it's alright. Shiny? No thanks! But overall a really great product.
  • Catrice BB 6v1 cream - My current favorite foundation. Seriously, I am still quite surprised at how much I enjoy it. Great coverage, thicker formula than other BB creams and a tedious scent. If they would ditch the scent it would be absolutely perfect.
  • Bourjois rouge blush in 95 Rose d'Jaspe - A product that brings me back to life. The brush included is crap, but I used the heck out of mine so now it is fine. The color payoff is great (with this tiny brush, otherwise it is just fine). Lovely color that suits anyone.

Eye products

  • Catrice Eyebrow Filler - One of the best eyebrow products I've ever tried. I have tried many, many other eyebrow gels, but this one wins. Hands down, the most natural looking product.
  • Catrice Made to stay NUDE eye pencil - Exactly what I've been looking in a nude eye pencil. Good formula, easy to apply and lasts quite some time on my watery waterline.
  • Essence Lashes go wild volume mascara - Mascara in a tube. And an interesting wand. You can make you lashes appear natural or wild, your choice (and depending on the ammount of mascara you apply). It's been with me everywhere and now I need to replace this little tube.
  • Urban Decay single eyeshadow in SIN - A very subtle eyeshadow that goes well with any other color. Alone it's bleh (as in just applied all over the eyelid), but in a combination it is THE eyeshadow.

Lip products

  • Catrice Lip peeling pen - Okay, it practically is just some sugar and oil (?), but it does wonders for my lips. I could do such a mix myself, but I got it for free so why not? Also I am lazy.
  • Alverde calendula lip balm - My favorite through the years. It has a thicker formula and a not-so-pleasant scent, but it works. 

Nail polish

  • Essie Blanc - a simple white that can be used anywhere. I usually use it a base color with bolder manicures.
  • Essie Toggle to the top - we all know it, okay.. :P More here.
  • Essence Applause, Applause (Circus TE) - Gorgeous red and gorgeous red glitter. Amazing formula for both parts. 

Gel nails

  • Essence gel nails at home.

This needed a category all alone. It is THAT good. Seriously I love this set and it makes my manicures stay for longer than I'd want to. :P
I'd also learned a new trick! If you apply a regular base coat on your nails and then do the gel manicure (with the included peel off base coat), you will get an even application and no shrinkage of the gel polish.
I already have a back up set, haha.. I love it THAT much!

Nail products

  • Essence nail polish corrector pencil - I am lazy when it comes to nail polish correctures. I do know the brush & nail polish remoal method. But honestly I am lazy and since there exists this little product, I will use it. I used it a couple of years ago and I loved it. And I still do :). Too bad I use up these tips quite quickly.
  • Vefic Molinho cuticle removal cream - A cuticle saviour ;). I used 1/2 of the bottle and it is still as new. Will use it up and then cry, because I don't know where to get another one.
  • Lush Lemony Flutter cuticle butter - saves my cuticles in one week. No excuses, it just works.
  • Essence 6 sided nail file - Great for shortening nails, and making them look presentable. Or just a quick fix.
  • Glass file (Pfleirin?) - I love glass files. Some are amazing (hello Essie glass file!), some are crap (Essence), some are fine (the one I have). It does its job well and I've had it for more than a year.

Mouth hygene products

A fun category ;).
  • Ajona tooth paste - I discovered this little concentrate by mistake. I was looking for my favorite paste (Sarakan), but they didn't hold it any longer. So I grabbed the next paste I could find without flouride. This is a miracle in a retro tube. Seriously! A tiny tad goes a foamy way. Also makes my teeth super smooth and clean and also whiter. That was unexpected ;).
  • Jordan dental floss - This is the one that expans when 'relaxed', so it's great for cleaning!
  • Curaprox ultra soft tooth brush -  Since I first tried these funny looking tooth brushes, I got to like them. Now I wouldn't change them for a thing!


  • Tangle teezer - My beloved brush. I had one for 2 years and last year I got this one. The last one was quite worn out and my new baby is feeling the pressure of my long, wavy hair! Great for detangling. The only downside is the shape. It went flying across the bathroom a couple of times, because I am not very gentle when I brush my hair. Damn!

What were your 2013 favorites?

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