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It's been a while since I blogged about.. well myself? :D So here's a tag thing.. :)

How did you get started blogging & what keeps you doing it? 
I wanted to share my views on the many cosmetic items I had at home. I was looking for very detailed reviews and found none, so I started my own blog. It kept expanding and expanding and today it's a semi private/beauty blog. I keep blogging because it relaxes me and I love giving a purpose to all my cosmetics.

What do you think makes you unique?
Em, me? It's my blog and it's about my view of the world, and that's it. There are many many other beauty blogs and all of them are special!

What's your favorite thing about yourself?
I am very stubborn. But on the downside I am very lazy. So stubbornish lazy.

Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
Still going on strong! Maybe with a sub blog about mom 'funny' stories and my main one being focused more on cosmetics?

What's the best tip you've ever received about blogging?
Stick to it if you like it, drop it if you don't. Also; don't be fake!

How does blogging affect your real life and vice versa?
It gave me a purpose in life. I mean I was lost, didn't know what do to with myself and then I discovered blogging. I realized I LOVE writing (even if it's like reading something a 8 year old wrote), I really enjoy all the make up community and everything that comes with it. 
My blog became more about me and my son than it was before, but life is all about changes, right?

What is something you're actively working toward and how are you getting there?
My own business. Still thinking about it, next step is make it real.

What is your absolute beauty must have, and why?
If your eyebrows are almost nonexistent - eyebrow products (i.e. eyebrow powder or gel),
otherwise - blush. I love blush, it gives my pale skin some life.

If money wasn't an issue, what would you run out and buy right now?
Is it weird that I answered MORE POLISHES?! Like I need them? :D I'd totally go buy a ticket for England and then some other major Cities to begin with and then.. my long dream - Tokyo! It is a big dream of mine to go to Tokyo and enjoy it as long as I can and bring some nice cosmetics from there home.

What is one beauty tip you feel that everyone should know?
Eye primer. Use it. Especially if you have oily eyelids.

Who's your freebie (if you're married-the one person/celebrity you can cheat with without it being cheating) or you're single, your number one celebrity crush?
I'm currently crushing on the THOR cast. Haha. Especially loki (who looks a bit like my darling) and Thor. :P

I tag all of you to do this tag too!

Ohhh, this was fun! I should do more of these.
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